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Eagle Scout

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Eagle Scouts are an example of hard work, strong morals, good leadership, and determination. Many of Americas' great leaders are Eagle Scouts. I have learned the value of becoming an Eagle Scout and hope to become a great leader some day as well.

When I earned the rank of Eagle in the BSA, I fully understood how it could be one of the hardest accomplishments a young man can complete. Only three out of every one hundred boys who begin scouting attain the rank. From learning to follow their leaders to becoming leaders themselves, young men must learn the values that comprise an Eagle Scout. While making it through the difficult path to the rank just before Eagle, the Life rank, Scouts must work together and form bonds with each other. A total of 21 merit badges are required before a scout can receive the rank. Of the twenty-one badges needed, the BSA requires twelve specific badges. I enjoyed earning badges such as First Aid and Citizenship in the World; both were very difficult to attain. These badges cover a variety of areas that will give the boys skills and abilities that they can use later in life. Some badges teach about the values of citizenship and working to help humankind while others teach personal management skills. Earning the Rank of Eagle Scout was definitely my proudest moment. I was able to reflect on all the service I have given and all of the lives I've touched.

Currently I am an Assistant Scoutmaster in my troop. I am helping others learn to lead while still gaining experience in leading others.. Now I will be able to use my experience to help other scouts attain Eagle as well.



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