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A Boiling Generation

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A Boiling Generation

They say if you want to cook a frog, do not throw it into a pot of boiling water, it will leap right back out. But rather, place the frog at home in a pot of comfortable water and slowly apply heat. The frog will not only stay in the water, but his nerve endings will become singed and as the pot comes to a boil, the frog will simply slip away without a fight or mess...

I believe we are boiling our society. A generation will be born into every wrong that we do not correct, and eventually that thing that we once considered a mortal sin will become the norm. That norm will bring about more absurdities that another generation will be born into and overtime humanity could become lost in a fog of personally opinionated ethics.

The Primary issue on the table is abortion. When abortion was legalized in 1973, the thought process was one of female protection. People didn't like the idea of women going for "back-alley abortions," so they created clinics. Clean, sanitary, and safe clinics that claimed have subsequently claimed the lives of 39 million Americans. But the ex-mothers were safe from the pressure of society and motherhood. Or were they? People are inherently selfish, but we still have morals. Things didn't sit right with the former mothers. In 1973, the life of a fetus was no question. A fetus was a human, and to the patients, they were dead humans. Even more so, they were dead by their bidding. The mothers had escaped the pressures of society and motherhood to face another, even more crushing opponent: guilt.

From this guilt sprang argument that shakes the core of every American. "It's not human! It doesn't have the right to life!" And thus, what I like to call the second children's crusade began. Once the right-to-life "leg" of our society collapsed, many other things came into question. Death penalty,



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