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7 Deadly College Diseases

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AKOlehiyo: 7  College Diseases (CD)

by: Leo Mar B. Ellema

        Just like hospitals, colleges also admit patients with different attitude ailments. The instructors are most likely the doctors and the patients are none other than the students. These CD's are not new in fact some students are suffering from one or two but are too hypocrite to be true. For the neophyte, have awareness so that you don't acquire the same ailment, remember prevention is better than cure. Discover the ugly truth of college life.

1. ACNE (All Courses Na Explore)

        They are in the deans’ lists not because they have high grades but because almost all the deans of the different schools know them and these deans have signed their shifting form. Maybe they didn’t plan ahead their career path. In some cases, they were sure with their chosen course but along the way something happened (cannot cope with the requirement of the program) that made them shift to other course. Maybe for some ACNE patients they are good in everything that’s why they find it difficult to settle with one field. Do not be jack/jade of all trades and be master of none. Sometimes you just need to wash your face with self realization that you need to Ahem! Graduate!

2. LBM (Laging Bagsak sa Major)

        "Major major I mean problem". Even Venus Raj believed that having gotten a major subject more than once is a major problem. It’s ironic that LBM patients can pass many of their minor subjects with flying colors, but they find it difficult to pass just a major subject. They persevere but never change. Whose fault is it?

 A. Instructor     B. Subject      C. Classmate        D. PNOY

3. Cancer (Cannot Attend Ng Class EaRly)

        They own the university. They have their own time and schedule. The instructor is already inside the classroom, the discussion is ongoing while they are just starting to realize that they are late. Some have valid reasons but some are just trying to make their reasons valid. Well they say “better be late than later”. For real, are you a VIP?

4. AIDS (Anyway, I Don’t Study)

        "To review or not to review that is"... a stupid question. AIDS patients are the very relaxed ones. They seem to have no problem with their low scores in exams and quizzes they don’t study anyway so there’s no expectation at all.  For those who have AIDS your disease is a contagious, the worst part of it is you even drag some of your friends to be part of your epic plan of failing the subject and then  your next line would be "to re-enroll or not to study anymore that is"..too late to realize.

5. Obesity (Over Buying, Excessive Spending, I’ll Treat You)

        They are the princes and princesses of their own selfish kingdom. They spend more money than needed. They feel that if they will spend more they have the upper hand in their circle of friends. They get their allowance for a week  only to spend all of it for three nights or less. Obese people are such a leech, they suck all the earning from other's labor and look at them, their face is too thick to even feel a slap of truth and conscience. I suggest you try to drop that social climber attitude and be simple.



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