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3rd G-Touch Camp Interview Answer

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Essay Preview: 3rd G-Touch Camp Interview Answer

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  1. Why do you want to participate in 3rd G-touch Camp?What is your expectation for 3rd G-touch camp and what do you want to learn in these three days? 

I am a person who has curiosity towards the world, yet somehow lack enough courage to express myself and step out of my comfort zone. However, since I have become a 16-year-old high school student, I am eager to make some changes on myself by taking part in the 3rd G-touch camp. I look forward to experiencing different cultures and making friends with new people from different regions. After joining this camp, I wish myself to become a person who is more outgoing and brave. In the same time, I hope to improve my English speaking skill and also expand my knowledge.

  1. Please describe what kind of person you are and what personality traits you have? 

Since I am the youngest kid in the family, my two sisters have always been taking care of me. Therefore, I would say that I am a person who is introverted and shy before I get familiar with the people and the surroundings. Even though I am not really an outgoing person, I still enjoy making friends and learning new things to make myself knowledgeable. Moreover, I am an industrious and cautious person who always sets clear goals for myself and carefully make the plans. Afterwards, I will strictly follow the plans, mange my time and strive for the achievement of my goals.

  1. What's your definition of culture? 

It can be defined in various ways. In my point of view, culture refers to the knowledge, attitude, perception, experiences and beliefs that are shared by a specific group of people from same region.

  1. How can you do to go global and keep in touch with the world? *

I would like to read various kind of international news in order to keep my self aware of all the incidents happening around the world and therefore broaden my horizon.

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