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3 Most Important Things A Child Should Be Taught

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The fabric of society is formed by progressive generations based on a collection of tightly held values and morals. We advanced as a society by teaching future generations proper conduct, a common language and beliefs, such as religion and traditions, that are appropriate for functioning as a collective member in that society. Thus, is it our duty as citizens to ensure that our children are left with an intact society and to provide the tools necessary to preserve its culture. The new parents' reponsibility in society is to first teach proper conduct. At this stage, simple manners at home can be taught, like how to properly behave as well as eat. For example, these behaviors include how to obey your parents and to properly eat at the dinner table. Later, at school with the help of teachers, the child will learn how to behave and interact appropriately with others. Together, these abilities allow the child to blend into society and not be labeled an outcast. Next, learning a common language helps the child to communicate with others around him/her. However, learning the proper usage of the language can enable the child to progress in the school as well as in society. Therefore, overall mastery of basics of this language can help the child to make a quick integration into their environment. Lastly, learning the beliefs system of the society is also very important within a child's educative process. By learning and understanding the basics of the beliefs system, the child can function early on as a member of the society. Also, the belief system helps to make the child feel a sense of belonging, unity and patriotism. Overall, teaching the child these three important aspects of society early in life helps the child to become a functional member of the societal group more rapidly.



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