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1982-On The Rise.

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1982 was a big year for many industries in the United States. The medical field was venturing new procedures such as the first artificial heart implant. While in the entertainment business music icons, Madonna and Michael Jackson released their first albums and Walt Disney World opened its new addition, Epcot Center. Americas stood by and just enjoyed the new achievement, as the country was on the rise.

With technology advancing, the medical field grew in new life enhancing medical findings. One of these being the first artificial heart transplant. In 1982, the artificial heart, the Jarvik 7, was implanted in a dentist from Ohio, Barney Clark. The artificial heart, named after its inventor Robert K. Jarvik, was an inspiration start for many in the medical field and brought hope to patients with heart problems. . Although the operation went well, there were many side effects. Clark experienced major strokes, and many blood clots in the one-hundred and twelve days the heart lasted for. The country followed along side of him during his one-hundred and twelve day journey with the artificial heart and was hurt by the death of Barney Clark. But even with the tragedy, many peoples attention was quickly brought to rising music stars and #1 music singles.

In the eighties many music styles and legends came about, two in particular, Madonna and Michael Jackson, released their first albums in 1982. Madonna signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers/Sire Records and later in the year released her first single “ Everybody.” When December came her single hit US #107. By the end of the decade, she was voted Artist of the Decade by Musician magazine. She traveled around the world and even started in many different motion pictures, one including A League Of Their Own. Her influence in the entertainment industry still continues along with male music legend Michael Jackson, who also released his first solo album “Thriller” in 1982. He had three #1 albums in a row, including Thriller which later received its 26th Platinum certification. During his career, he received The Living Legend Award at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has had many controversies in his life, but fan continued to stay faithful. They especially showed their loyalty when they released doves every time he was accounted not guilty in his 2005 trial. The country didn’t stop at music, its entertainment world also grew.

The Epcot Center, known to be



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