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Value Of A College Education

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Have you ever felt as though you were in a minority group because you were without a college degree? Those who never obtain a degree are actually in a group majority. Most of the adults in the U.S. lack a college degree. Over half the students who start a four-year degree program never finish. Many of us have been told since grade school, "If you don't have a college degree, you will never amount to much." Being taught this philosophy early in life, we understand that without a college education many doors of opportunity will be forever closed, leaving us to become menial hourly wage earners throughout our working life.

Now more than ever, it seems as though a good job is hard to find, and to find a good job requires a college degree, does it not? Most of us believe that if you are working for a large corporation surely you have a good job. For those without a college degree, large corporations can seem to be discriminating. Large corporations don't only seem discriminating; they are, for obvious reasons. Many require skilled professionals who have proven themselves in their career. Just as new college graduates can bring fresh ideas, employees with a seasoned background are a required resource for companies to maintain their strength and sharpen their competitive edge in the business world.

For those who choose a career with an interest in working for a large company, first consider the current economic conditions and your competition. For example, it's common for large companies to receive thousands of resumes weekly for a single advertised position. As a job seeker, you will be competing with recent graduates, and professionals at all levels, most who are just as desperate to find a job as you are. Generally the Human Resources department will briefly review your resume. They are instructed to select a few resumes from the pile and schedule interviews. The fact you are more than qualified for the position, your mind should be at rest realizing you are one of a thousand applicants. Also, the possibilities of being considered for the position are in the hands of a people who simply do not have an idea of the contributions you can make to their company, if only given


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