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History Of The Vietnam War

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Reasons for the Vietnam War

Ð'* Was not the first time America lost Ð'- Korean War & War of 1812

Ð'* We listen too much to the military in a so called civilian Democracy Ð'- military officials predicted victory and an end to the war so many times when it never happened; Also predicted troop withdrawal before further escalation Ð'- ha ha ha

Ð'* We were replacing the British Empire! We would support anyone who would further our military objectives; we even supported military dictators just because they were anti-communist (sound a little familiar? Like anti-terrorist, perhaps?)

Ð'* We believe too much in the body counts Ð'- they were exaggerated anyway, and the government lied pretty often; plus who was taking them? Many of those in combat come out with pretty faulty memories of it

Ð'* We believed that our superior weapons and technology would eventually secure victory, how could we lose with our weapons and numbers?

Ð'* Domino Theory: founded in the Truman Doctrine, Eisenhower first uses the term, allies must be protected in a certain area or else the whole area will fall! Well that may work on land, but we were silly to think that it work across the ocean

Ð'* The Racial War: we fought w/ a racially desegregated army but still segregated by class; poor classes, which were mostly minorities Ð'- had disproportionate enlistments; plus bombs were dropped on people of color Ð'- perhaps why we worried about the Phillipines

Ð'* "A war for Democracy" Ð'- a war to allow people to choose their own government, but we didn't even vote at home

Ð'* We also claimed we were just living up to the Geneva Accord Ð'- which we didn't sign, and SEACA, we had a right to be there

Ð'* Clash of Wills: instead of sitting down and analyzing


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