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  • Pfizer Inc.

    Pfizer Inc.

    Pfizer was founded by cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart in 1849 in Brooklyn New York, as Charles Pfizer and Company, a chemical business; the merger with Warner-Lambert in 2000 and Pfizer membership in 2002 in the U.N. Global Compact an international network that promotes good corporate citizenship, are among

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  • Pfizer Inc. Business Analysis And Strategic Implications

    Pfizer Inc. Business Analysis And Strategic Implications

    PFIZER INC. BUSINESS ANALYSIS AND STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Pfizer Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company that creates and manufactures products for both humans and animals. Pfizer is headquartered in New York City and employs about 115,000 people. PRINCIPAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Pfizer currently has ten different divisions

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  • Pfizer Industry Review

    Pfizer Industry Review

    Pfizer Corporation: The pharmaceutical industry began in the early 1800’s when several chemical companies were founded in Philadelphia, marking the beginning of our current pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (Pfizer, 2008a). Founded in 1849, Pfizer has grown into a multibillion-dollar corporation by providing many of the highest quality drugs available today (Pfizer,

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  • Pfizer's Strategic Plan

    Pfizer's Strategic Plan

    PFIZER INC. Pfizer Strategic Plan Date Submitted: May 25, 2005 Pfizer's Strategic Plan: Overview Executive Summary Pfizer is a New York City based major drug producer, ranking first in pharmaceutical sales in the U.S., with 2005 revenues of 56.7 billion. With almost 60 billion in Revenue, Pfizer remains the industry's

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  • Pfizer.Finacial Analyses

    Pfizer.Finacial Analyses

    PFIZER Table of contents : I. Company overview 5 II. Financial Ratio Analysis 19 A. Short - term liquidity ratios 19 B. Long- Term solvency ratios 25 C. Profitability ratios 28 D. Market price and dividends ratio...................................................34 III. Cash Flow Analysis 39 IV. Business Valuation 48 DISCOUNTED CASH FLOW 48

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  • Ph Distributors - the Business Plan

    Ph Distributors - the Business Plan

    REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES Obrero, Davao City THE BUSINESS PLAN Submitted to: ENRICO YEE JR, CPA, MBA, PhD Professor Submitted by: MARK ANGELO S. GREGANA, RN MBA Student Octobernmj7, 2015 Business Name :PH Distributors. (Professional Healthcare Distributors) Office Location: Davao City Business Type: Partnership Company Background:

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  • Ph Distrubution

    Ph Distrubution

    * Name of the Company * Description of the Business (Nature, Form of Business, VMG of the Business) * Capitalization of the Business including the Source of Capital * Chart of Accounts * Facilities * Staffing Requirements with their functions and corresponding salaries * Accounting Documents (Provide one sample each)

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  • Phar-Mar Inc. Accounting Scandal

    Phar-Mar Inc. Accounting Scandal

    Summary Phar-Mor, Inc. was a deep-discount store that had substantial growth in a short period of time. It started with 15 stores and grew to over 310 stores in thirty two states between 1985 and 1992. At first Phar-Mor was seen as a major prospect in the retail market. With

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  • Phar-Mor: Case Study

    Phar-Mor: Case Study

    Phar-Mor was known as one of the major discount chain retailers in the late 1980’s - early 1990’s. It was founded by Mickey Monus, a gambler in nature, who with the help of senior management was “cooking the books” for years to cover up his loses. The reason why senior

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  • Pharma Indusrty Report

    Pharma Indusrty Report

    Introduction The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production and marketing of medications. The importance of this industry as a global sector is inarguable. In 2008 total revenue of global pharmaceutical industry was $615.1 billion and expected to reach $734 billion at the end of 2013. United States, Europe

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  • Pharma Report Romania

    Pharma Report Romania

    © WPM, World Pharmaceutical Markets, 2005 Espicom Business Intelligence, Lincoln House, City Fields Business Park, City Fields Way, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2FS, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1243 533322. Fax: +44 (0)1243 533418. Outlook: Romania January 2005 This page left intentionally blank WPM OUTLOOK ROMANIA WPM Outlook © espicom

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  • Pharma Value Chain Analysis

    Pharma Value Chain Analysis

    G is a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in the US. We recently secured a patent for our OTC organic hypertension medication. The patent will protect our IP for 20 years when manufactured or sold in WTO nations in accordance with the TRIPS Agreement1. The R&D was performed at our

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  • Pharmaceutical Company Analysis

    Pharmaceutical Company Analysis

    Industry Overview The Pharmaceutical industry is composed of companies that research, develop, produce, market, and sell chemical or biological substances for medical or veterinary use; these products include: prescription, generic, and over-the-counter drugs; vitamins and nutritional supplements; diagnostic substances. The companies also develop and manufacture drug delivery systems. The U.S.

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  • Pharmaceutical Distribution

    Pharmaceutical Distribution

    PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION Pharmaceutical Distribution Summer Albondante Southern New Hampshire University The emergence of the pharmaceutical industry started in 1870. It can be traced back to two sources, apothecaries and chemical companies. “Merck, for example, began as a small apothecary shop in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1668, only beginning wholesale production of

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  • Pharmaceutical Industry Five Force Model

    Pharmaceutical Industry Five Force Model

    According to the first class, the power point showed that the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry. Based on the Porter's five forces model, there are convincing explanation why the pharmaceutical industry has big profitability. For the threat of new entrants perspective, it is high. The pharmaceutical industry has

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  • Pharmacy - Healthcare Setting

    Pharmacy - Healthcare Setting

    PHARMACY AND LABORATORY Ruth Perez Individual Project 3 American Intercontinental University AIU Online Abstract In any healthcare setting, that being oncology, pediatrics, mental health, research of investigational products etc… it is important to apply and have the best practices under the standard operating procedures policy. The value of laboratory and

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  • Pharmasim


    Allstar Brands' Allround product is a 4-hour multi-symptom, over-the-counter, liquid medicine used to treat colds, coughs, and allergies. Allround is typically used at night because of the strength of the medication and because the alcohol and antihistamine helps consumers rest. When LSD&J took over as Brand Managers, our strategy was

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  • Phil Knight Managing Nike'S Trasformation

    Phil Knight Managing Nike'S Trasformation

    In 1983 Phil Knight decided to leave the company in Woodell's hands. That was because Knight had to work on a manufacturing project in China. In 1893 NIKE was a successful firm; they had 34% of the market share and their sales were growing constantly, from $14.1 million in 1976

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  • Philip Crosby

    Philip Crosby

    “Doing it right the first time”, has been a stimulating quote from a man that was an inspiration to thousand of companies around the globe, Philip Bayard Crosby. Mr. Crosby was a practitioner, writer, and philosopher of quality management. His works range from books, seminars, and Philip Crosby Associates, which

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  • Philip Knight Nike

    Philip Knight Nike

    Philip Knight is the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Nike and he currently owns more than 90% of the firm. The company is internationally known for its trademark "swoosh" and its leadership in the athletic apparel industry. Philip H. Knight's involvement with a sporting goods company is not accidental. He

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  • Philip Morris and Kraft

    Philip Morris and Kraft

    Question 1 Why is Kraft a takeover target? Solution As expressed by the Kraft Chairman, Mr. John Richman, “Kraft has an outstanding record of profitability and growth. It is a great company with great traditions, great brands and a great future”. The statement highlights the underlying performance of a company,

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  • Philip Vs Mitsushita: A New Century, A New Round

    Philip Vs Mitsushita: A New Century, A New Round

    Case background: This case is about two giants in the global consumer electronics market, namely Philips and Matsushita. Their international strategies and organizations are very different ÐŽV while the former pursued a localization strategy, the latter pursued a global standardization strategy; while the former made use of highly self-sufficient national

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  • Philippine Regulatory Capital

    Philippine Regulatory Capital

    Basel Capital Accord It has long been recognized that risks and banking goes hand in hand together. While other companies such as those in manufacturing, trading and other industrial firms are head over heels in avoiding risks, it's a different scenario for the banking sector. Banks earn money (in the

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  • Philips


    Reaction Paper on MBTI and CCAI The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was very helpful in giving me a verbal understanding of what kind of a person I am. It highlighted my strengths and weaknesses with an amazing degree of accuracy. Initially, I was doubtful whether it would really be an exercise

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  • Philips Versus Matsushita: A New Century, A New Round

    Philips Versus Matsushita: A New Century, A New Round

    TEACHING NOTE Philips versus Matsushita: A New Century, A New Round Part I: Background and Overview Synopsis This case (an update of earlier versions of this long rivalry) traces the history of Philips and Matsushita as they evolve during the pre- and post-war era to emerge as major competitors

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  • Philips Vs Matsushita

    Philips Vs Matsushita

    N.V. Philips (Netherlands) and Matsushita Electric (Japan) are among the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. Their success was based on two contrasting strategies – diversification of worldwide portfolio and local responsiveness for Philips, and high centralization and mass production for Matsushita. Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands began

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  • Philips Vs Matsushita (Summary)

    Philips Vs Matsushita (Summary)

    Philips was founded by Gerard Philips and his father in 1892 in Eindhoven, Holland . Then, they recruited Anton Philips (Herard's brother), an excellent salesman and manager, and soon after they became the third largest light-bulb producer in Europe. However from its beginning on it always took care for his

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  • Phillip Morris Marketing Analysis

    Phillip Morris Marketing Analysis

    Table of Contents Introduction - Background - History - Purpose / Objective..........................................................3 Methodology...................................................................4 Case Analysis: - Financial Status - The Industry: Market Segmentation SWOT analysis..........................................................5 I. Introduction Background: To most, Philip Morris (PM), is only known as a dominant force in the manufacturing and marketing of cigarettes. However, over the

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  • Phillipines


    En Filipinas hay principalmente 4 islas famosas: Palawan (donde está el Nido), Boracay, Cebu y Malapascua. No sé cuánto tiempo vais pero como consejo, os digo que quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta. Y esto en Filipinas más aún. Sin intentas verlo todo no vas a disfrutar nada. Se tarda casi

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  • Philosophy


    Aristotle agreed with Plato's approach to science but also thought it was important to study living things. He first defined scientific knowledge, and why it should be required. He had invented science as the collective organized enterprise as it is today. Aristotle had the first science department to biology, but

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