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Pennsummit, Llc Erp Project Manager

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Essay Preview: Pennsummit, Llc Erp Project Manager

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PennSummit, LLC ERP Project Manager

What industry is this job in? Provide an industry description including sales volume, major competitors, and major customers. What are its products, and who are the company’s customers?

This job is in the Utility Pole Industry, more specifically the Steel Pole Industry. Steel poles are strong and durable as well as 100 percent recyclable at the end of their long serviced lives. There are about 185 million utility poles in North America and as of 2006 the steel pole market penetration was 400,000. Approximately four million are replaced annually. More than 600 out of 3,100 electric utility companies are using steel poles in the United States. By 2009, the Steel Industry hopes to gain 10% of pole market share which equals 79,000 tons per year of steel demand.

Some utility pole competitors are: Accord Industries who manufactures concrete poles; Gorman Bros. Lumber, Midwest Wood Treating, Inc., Main Street Banner/Interstate Pole Industries, Thomas & Betts Corporation, and Valmont Industries, Inc., who all manufacture wooden poles; Stonehouse Signs, Inc., Niland Co., Karay Metals, Inc., Utility Metals, and of course Summit Manufacturing, LLC who all manufacture steel poles. These companies, just mentioned, do not manufacture steel; they purchase steel and manufacture steel poles. Examples of steel companies on the other hand would be Dofasco, Inc., IPSCO, Inc., or Nucor Corporation. Industry customers are Electric Utility Companies, Wireless Communication Companies, and Lighting Industry Companies.

There are about thirteen products involved in the Steel Pole Industry. Those products are Power Transmission Poles and Monopoles with heights up to 300 feet, Concealed Sites which feature disguised wireless applications and are visually pleasing, and Flagpoles which reach 180 feet. There are Monopines which reach heights of 200 feet and have branch sizes of 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft, Monopalm (Mexican Fan) which reach heights of 80ft and has 40 fronds approximately 6 ft by 4 ft, and Monopalm (Canary Island Date Palm) which also reaches heights of 80ft but has 60 fronds approximately 7 ft by 2 ft. Finally, there are Utility Mounts which helps electric utilities offer attractive siting alternatives to the wireless industry, Highmast which reach heights up to 180 ft, Sport and Area Lighting Poles which are Standard designs from 50 ft - 120 ft with pole step and safety climbing equipment, Traffic Poles that have an arm length of up to 85 ft and sectioned into 8, 12, 16 or 18-sided in cross sections, and Overhead Sign Structures.

What will the individual who gets this job be doing? What credentials does an applicant need to qualify for the job? Find out how much the job pays (this specific position or industry average).

The individual who gets this job will be responsible for managing phases and deliverables of the project and managing the overall project. They will define and implement solutions meeting user requirements, business needs, enhancements and reports. They will also be responsible for monitoring tracking, resource utilization and issues, as well as risk on assigned projects.

The credentials an applicant needs to qualify for this job are: experience in implementing Relevant ERP systems and other custom applications in a manufacturing environment, experience in methodologies used in implementation of ERP applications, strong interpersonal communication skills, experience in user interaction to define and implement solutions meeting user requirements, business needs, and enhancements and reports, adequate knowledge of Microsoft Project Planning application, functional expertise in implementation of mid-size projects in manufacturing industries, and strong skills in SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, and Crystal Reports 8.0.

The median expected salary for a typical ERP Project Manager in Hazleton, PA is $107,056. This is not too far behind the industry average of $99,000.

Provide a brief description of each of the software packages listed in the job announcement: Relevant ERP, SQL Server, Visual Basic, and Crystal Reports. Based on the versions mentioned in the ad, do you anticipate that upgrades will be necessary in the future? What features does each possess, what is the software used for, and who uses it?

Enterprise Resource Planning Software allows for the integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing and financial business processes. This reduces costs and improves productivity, quality, and control within an operation. PennSummit uses Relevant ERP, Visual Basic, and Crystal Reports. Based on the versions mentioned in the ad upgrades are absolutely necessary in the future. For all of these software packages there are already updates or newer versions available. The technology industry is constantly updating and improving; in order to achieve competitive advantage information technology software must also continue updating and improving.

Relevant ERP system is used by Aerospace and Defense, Engineer to Order (ETO), Contract Manufacturing, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), and project-oriented manufacturing markets. It features capabilities that enable superior estimating, measuring, controlling, and reporting by department, project, and, if required for some projects, at the task/work breakdown levels. This system is used for key project-based manufacturing enabling you to access specific project costs and status in real time. It is also used for high level business planning by project, MRP by project, costing by project, estimating to establish project budget baseline, and discrete pegging of supply and demand by project.

SQL Server system is used by a large array of companies of all sizes. It features easy to install, easy to manage, rich database functionality, enhanced security, simple pricing and licensing, deep integration with Visual Studio 2005, scalability and performance, and distributed client database. This system is used to quickly build data-based applications that are more scaleable, reliable, and secure. It maximizes information technology productivity by reducing the complexity of database applications. It also allows companies to share data across multiple platforms and gain a greater insight from their business information to achieve faster results for a competitive advantage

Visual Basic is used by 62 percent of developers. It features ActiveX controls, Microsoft Transaction Server, Visual SourceSafe, SNA Server, the Internet Information Server Application Designer, integrated data tools and data environment, and the Dynamic HTML Page Designer. This system is used to quickly develop useful Microsoft Windows applications



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