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My name is a mystery to me the name I use now is not the one I was given at birth but the name that was given to me when they stole me from my home land. That name is William Hayes i've forgotten what it feels like to be a man not to be used as cattle that is thrown away, raped, and beaten at will. That is why I must ran away. I must get out of this hell hole. I was born free and I will die free.

Tomorrow is the day I run away from this place me and sister we will run to freedom to this place they called the north. I can't even sleep so when I go to see my sister I overheard her talking to the Massa about the run away so I ran. I could not stop running I fell a sleep in a cave a few miles away I woke up to a hound dog biting my leg. Dem white men dragged me all the way home to the Massa house. He whipped me yes a lashing I will never forget. At that moment I know that I was going to run away but this time I'm telling no one not one person this time I go the night they take these chains off. A month passed and they took off the chain I ran away the same day I had no fear of those white men. They put a dog out side of my house but I know what to do I snapped the dog neck and ran away it took them till morning to find out that I had ran away I got a lot farther. When they found me this time they had a fight this time I killed 3 white men before they killed me with they boom stick.



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