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Last update: May 2, 2016
  • The American Education System

    The American Education System

    What's the one thing that your parents always tell you? Get an education. We have heard it over and over again. You need a good education to get anywhere in this world. An education is the one thing my parents made sure that my brother and I had. They made sure we were at school on time everyday and ready to learn. My parents want me to have the best education that I can, but

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    Submitted: September 21, 2010
  • Computers


    When you mention the word "technology," most people think about computers. Virtually every facet of our lives has some computerized component. The appliances in our homes have microprocessors built into them, as do our televisions. Even our cars have a computer. But the computer that everyone thinks of first is typically the personal computer, or PC. A PC is a general purpose tool built around a microprocessor. It has lots of different parts -- memory,

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    Submitted: September 21, 2010
  • Information Technology And The Other Degree Programs

    Information Technology And The Other Degree Programs

    Information Technology and the Other Degree Programs Introduction This paper is primarily about the Information Technology Department and how the Information Systems, the Computer Science Departments, and Computer Engineering courses relate to Information Technology. Each of these specialties has their similarities and differences to the Information Technology department. Georgia Southern University has a strong College of Information Technology, which offers three disciplines, which are the Computer Science Department, the Information Systems Department, and the Information

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    Submitted: September 22, 2010
  • The Raga System

    The Raga System

    Music is an expression of inner feelings through tones (swar) and rhythm (taal). These swars and taals are combined so that they are pleasing to the ear. Music is sound created from the ideas and emotions of man. When these ideas are expressed through the voice in a rhythmic and appealing sound, music is born. Music in its true form controls human activity and is thus the source of attaining pleasure and salvation. At the

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    Submitted: September 22, 2010
  • Computers


    Thesis: A computer is a devise that processes, organize, and calculate, displays information. It can communicate with other computers all over the world. The most powerful computer can perform 10s of billion of calculations per second. People use computers for business, track inventories, and use bar codes, personal home use and other things. Computers can produce information, numbers, images, sounds and movies. How do computers work? Do computers make peoples lives better or worse? Introduction:

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    Submitted: September 28, 2010
  • Computing Through The Ages

    Computing Through The Ages

    ~Computing Through the Ages~ "That's what's cool about working with computers. They don't argue, they remember everything and they don't drink all your beer," (Paul Leary). From the Abacus (16th century counting devise) to the laptop, auto computing has always been a desire for us humans. We are lazy, and we like to take the easy way out of problem solving. This is why we pay so much for someone, or something to do

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    Submitted: September 28, 2010
  • Starting A Church Based Nursing Home Ministry

    Starting A Church Based Nursing Home Ministry

    ORGANIZING THE CHURCH FOR MINISTRY While the major thrust of this manual is to help Christians in a nursing home ministry, this final part enlarges the scope a bit to help churches organize to meet the needs of elderly people both inside and outside of nursing homes. This part is adapted from "Developing Programs for Senior Citizens--A Handbook for churches," produced by the Delaware County of (PA) Services for the Aging, and is included here

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    Submitted: September 29, 2010
  • Law And It's System

    Law And It's System

    1. The importance of a contract law to the private market system is vital for our private enterprise economy. It helps make buyers and sellers willing to do business together. Contract laws allows private agreements to be legally enforceable. Contract laws provides enormous flexibility and precision in business dealings. It provides flexibility in that you can agree to literally anything that is not illegal or against public policy. It gives precision in that with

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    Submitted: September 29, 2010
  • Informative Speech (Polygraphs)

    Informative Speech (Polygraphs)

    Title: The Polygraph Speaker: Neil Thesis: To inform my audience about polygraphs, the polygraph tests, and the controversy of them. Introduction I. Attention Getter: For more than 15 years, Robert Hanssen had led a double life. In one life he was a 25-year veteran with the FBI who had access to some of the nation's most-classified information. In his other life, he was a spy for the Russian government. Hannssen's deception was finally discovered, and

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    Submitted: September 29, 2010
  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    naging expectations is a very tough challenge for CIO in today's business. I think the initial step should be for the Chief IT Officer and the Chief Executive Officer along with the Chief Financial Officer is to sit down and have a meeting at the time of hire. All three of them should agree on the job description and what leeway will be allowed in the IT area. It should also be understood that the

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    Submitted: October 1, 2010
  • Survey Of Wireless Computing

    Survey Of Wireless Computing

    The Effect of the Internet on Modern Society In this day and age, the Internet is the new resource tool for the masses. It has changed the way we live in society and the way people interact with each other. As more and more people log on the Internet, it has undoubtedly changed the way people think and feel about each other and the world around us. When we begin to look at the ways

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    Submitted: October 2, 2010
  • Waste Management In The Philippines (Water System)

    Waste Management In The Philippines (Water System)

    I. INTRODUCTION This report aims to discuss and to enrich the reader's knowledge on the proper desludging and disposal of waste accumulated from septic tanks. The information gathered here is vital as it provides a culture of awareness to everyone on how wastewater is disposed of. Wastewater comes from everywhere; from our residences to our workplaces, even public places. Filipinos as we are, have been known to be hygienic yet we know little of what

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    Submitted: October 3, 2010
  • Computer Crime In The 2000

    Computer Crime In The 2000

    Computer Crime In The 2000's We're being ushered into the digital frontier. It's a cyberland with incredible promise and untold dangers. Are we prepared ? It's a battle between modern day computer cops and digital hackers. Essentially just think what is controlled by computer systems, virtually everything. By programming a telephone voice mail to repeat the word yes over and over again a hacker has beaten the system. The hacker of the 2000's is increasingly

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    Submitted: October 3, 2010
  • Informative Essay

    Informative Essay

    Over the last twenty years, the number of women succeeding in careers previously dominated by men, such as law and the medical field, has steadily increased. Yet, the number of women in the IT profession has dropped from almost 40 percent to 20 percent in that same time. (Hill, 2005). B. Women are leaving the IT profession for a variety of reasons, including little flexibility or support for women with families, a sense of isolation

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    Submitted: October 7, 2010
  • Computers Questions

    Computers Questions

    TOPIC : INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SKILLS AND SYSTEMS Circle the most appropriate answer in the following multiple choice questions. 1) Authors spend considerable time and effort creating their work. The set of laws which govern the rights of authors as far as protecting their ownership of material they produce is called A. Common laws B. Data protection C. Copy protection D. Copyright laws D 2) Information systems contain a number of processes. One of these

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    Submitted: October 9, 2010
  • The Federal Reserve System

    The Federal Reserve System

    Even before the creation of the Federal Reserve, banks were used by the public just as we use them today. Deposits were made into savings accounts. Loans were taken out to mortgage a home or finance a new business. Banknotes were issued and spent when the public borrowed from the banks. Borrowers spent these banknotes just as paper money is spent today. These bank notes were valued as money since they were backed by the

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    Submitted: October 10, 2010
  • Computer Add Explained. Terminology.

    Computer Add Explained. Terminology.

    An add in the Best Buy catalog is trying to sell an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 630 with HT Technology Computer with 15" LCD Flat-Panel Monitor and Color Printer. The add also states that the computer includes Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 software, 1024 MB DDR Ram memory, 250GB hard drive and double-layer multiform at LightScribe DVDRW drive. The add is simply telling the customer that the computer processor manufacturer is Intel, and that

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    Submitted: October 11, 2010
  • System Analysis And Design Methods

    System Analysis And Design Methods


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    Submitted: October 12, 2010
  • Circulatory System

    Circulatory System

    Circulatory System A simple definition for the circulatory system would be that it is the main transportation and cooling system for the body. Red Blood Cells have an important job in this system in that they carry all sorts of packages that are needed by all the cells in the body. Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which is needed in order for cells to survive. Besides red blood cells there

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    Submitted: October 13, 2010
  • Enhanced 911 System

    Enhanced 911 System

    I learned more about the Enhanced 911 system and the FCC involvement than I ever thought I would. It astounds me that the FCC and the USDA are basing their entire Rural Wireless Community VISION Program on the Essays that are written by each community. If a rural community can get someone to write a great essay, the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau will supply regulatory, engineering, legal and technical support. The USDA's Rural Utilities Service

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    Submitted: October 14, 2010
  • Relational Database Management System

    Relational Database Management System

    Relational Database Management System Oracle provides a flexible RDBMS called Oracle7. Using its features, you can store and manage data with all the advantages of a relational structure plus PL/SQL, an engine that provides you with the ability to store and execute program units. The server offers the options of retrieving data based on optimization techniques. It includes security features that control how a database is accessed and used. Other features include consistency and protection

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    Submitted: October 16, 2010
  • History Of Computers

    History Of Computers

    Chris Miller Ms. Rozanski English III May 20, 2005 History of the Computer The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the first large-scale, computer. The ENIAC was built for the military to calculate the paths of artillery shells. Later on it was used to make calculation for nuclear weapons research, weather predictions, and wind tunnel design. "The ENIAC was brought in to use inn February of 1946 and was used unit October 1955" (Encarta).

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    Submitted: October 18, 2010
  • Charleston Industries Phone System

    Charleston Industries Phone System

    Charleston Industries Phone System NTC360 Charleston Industries Phone System Wikipedia defines PBX (Private Branch Exchange) as a piece of equipment that connects phone calls and is owned by a private business (2005). According to Webopedia, "Most medium-sized and larger companies use a PBX because it's much less expensive than connecting an external telephone line to every telephone in the organization (2003)." Charleston Industries uses a PBX system for their telephone needs. This system is designed

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    Submitted: October 18, 2010
  • System In Deixis

    System In Deixis

    English, and perhaps every other language, has systematic arrangements for deictic words, which shows again that that these words have meanings that can be divided into smaller pieces that we can call "symantic atoms" (provided that they do not need to be further divided). Superficially, the systems of English, Spanish and Japanese are rather different, which is one reason why we can seldom translate them word for word. Nevertheless, when we look closely at the

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    Submitted: October 20, 2010
  • Economic Impact Analysis On A High-Speed Railway System For Central Florida

    Economic Impact Analysis On A High-Speed Railway System For Central Florida

    Economic Impact Analysis on a High-Speed Railway System for Central Florida Economic Impact Analysis on a High-Speed Railway System for Central Florida Introduction High-speed railway (HRL) systems have been used primarily over in such countries as Japan since 1964 and France since 1984. Recently the United States has generated interest in the high-speed railway as well. The proposed system would stretch from Miami through Orlando and end in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. With bullet trains

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    Submitted: October 22, 2010

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