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The American Education System

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What's the one thing that your parents always tell you? Get an education. We have heard it over and over again. You need a good education to get anywhere in this world. An education is the one thing my parents made sure that my brother and I had. They made sure we were at school on time everyday and ready to learn. My parents want me to have the best education that I can, but going to school in America is anything but the best.

You would think that America being number one in almost everything; education would be at the top of that list. Well compared to other countries in the world it really sucks. The Asian educational system is among the top in the world. They are the leaders in math and sciences. Do you know why? They care. They want an education. In the year two thousand the United States of America was ranked fifteenth in the world in literacy of fifteen-year-old children behind France, South Korea, and Japan among others. (Insert source here)That is nowhere near where we need to be. In America we are taught that we can do whatever we want. That may be true, but you still need an education. Some people don't realize this and think that they can just mess around in school and get by. For the most part this tactic works. Teachers and parents are caring less and less all the time. If a student wants to be successful he can work hard and get good grades and get into a good school. On the other hand if a student doesn't really care its still ok because nobody else really cares either. People in America just don't care anymore. They act like they do, but most people could give a crap.

Why is the educational system in America in such bad shape? Everyone is always pointing fingers so now it's my turn. First off teachers. Teachers are now just passing kids just to get rid of them even though they don't know the material. Teachers are not regulated like they should be. Nobody checks to see if they are teaching right. They just assume that everything is fine and if a student doesn't get something it must be their fault and not the teachers. They use the text book more that they do their brains. I think that not only should the students have to take tests, but the teachers should have to take some sort of competencies test in their area of teaching also. That way we know if they are qualified to teach the children of America. Next up are the parents of kids. They just don't care either. As long as their kids don't fail classes or get into trouble they don't care. If they are passing they must be doing good. Some of my friends didn't even show their parents their report cards because they wouldn't care. As long as they would go onto the next grade it was ok. Well then when it came time to get into college all hell broke loose because they thought their kid could get into any school they wanted to. Sometimes parents just need to get involved in their kid's lives just a little bit. With all violence going on in schools today parents are now worried more about their child's safety more that grades and getting an education. Its not only the parents and teachers fault but its also the children themselves faults. Kids see school as a place to socialize instead of lean. Its ok to have friends and girlfriends and boyfriends, but its also ok to lean something while you are there. You are there to learn first and they socialize second. I knew way to many people in high school that were just there to find out where the party was going to be at that night. People would just sleep their way through class and pass because they would cheat or the teacher would pass them. It was



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