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Chapter 4 - Animal Farm

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The significance of the first two paragraphs in chapter four is that there are both good and bad results about the Rebellion. In the first paragraph it says that Snowball and Napoleon sent out flights of pigeons whose instruction where to mingle with the aniamls on neighbouring farms, tell them the story of the Rebellion, and teach them the tune if 'Beast of England'. This is the first evidence in the chapter show that the revolution would go wrong is that Snowball and Napoleon sends out pigeons, this makes Snowball and Napoleon superior to the pigeons, telling them what to do.

The second paragraph is about Mr Jones who is in the pub drinking and telling other people about this problem about his farm, and telling them that he was the victim of all this. In fact we know that he was not the victim but the cause of this rebellion, he treated the animals harshly and feed them the smallest of rations of food. Also in this chapter it says that the other farmers listening to Jones is trying to gain from this revolutions. This might suggest that the other people might betray Jones in order to 'turn Jones's misfortune to his own advantage'. There is also rivalry between the farm adjoining Animal Farm, Mr Pilkington and Mr Fredrick absolutely hated each other making this easier for the animals because there will be minimal threat between the both of them because they will be arguing among each other.

In conclusion the first two paragraphs show both some good and some bad points about the revolution.



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