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"in the House" by Francois Ozone

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Essay Preview: "in the House" by Francois Ozone

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In the house.

In the house directed by François Ozon is a breathtaking psychological thriller which will not leave you indifferent – you will either love it or hate it. The well-written screenplay of this film was adapted by François Ozon from Juan Mayory’s play “The Boy in the Last Row” in 2012.

 This story is about a teacher and his unusual pupil. Germain used to be a writer but he didn’t succeed; now he is a teacher of French. He is unhappy and even angry to see schoolchildren getting more and more stupid nowadays; but suddenly he meets Claude Garcia, a 16-year-old boy, interested in Maths but Claude wants to improve his writing skills so he asks for his teacher’s help. Germain decides to help Claude because he recognizes younger himself in the boy. However, Claude is not as plain as he seems to be. He likes not only create fiction but also change reality according to his fantasies. Claude and Germain start work together and, surprisingly, it is the boy who seems to be the leader in the partnership. It is hard to understand either Claude is a victim of circumstances or a baddie in disguise. The results of this co-operation are rather ambiguous but one can’t help saying that their collaboration is just a reunion of soul mates.

The film received critical acclaim and was commercially successful. It is rather a sophisticated film full of playfulness and excellent acting. Ernst Umhauer starring as Claude, doubtlessly, gives an admirable performance. His character is rather complicated and has a dim background. Ernst’s acting made the character extremely attractive and at the same time dangerous and unpredictable.

“In the House” is a fabulous film which you can watch and just switch off. One of many Ozon’s masterpieces is for those who likes complicated stories with unexpected twists, so it is definitely worth while watching.




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