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Huanting Of Hill House

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By: Shirley Jackson

Eleanor Vance has always been a loner shy, defenseless, and angrily resentful of the 11 years she lost while nursing her dying mother. She had spent so long alone, with no one to love, never had a real home and without any happiness in her life. Eleanor has always sensed that one day something big would happen, and one day it does. She receives an unusual invitation from Dr. John Montague, a man fascinated by "supernatural manifestations." He had been looking for a haunted house all his life. Then He heard about Hill House and he knows that he couldn't let it go. His intentions with Hill House, was to go there, live there for a while and take notes of everything that occurs within the house, kind of like ghost hunting. So he rents Hill House for three months, organizes a ghost watch, inviting three people who have been touched by unearthly events. A psychic event from Eleanor's childhood makes her qualify to be a part of Montague's unusual study, along with stubborn Theodora who was the not thing like Eleanor, and Luke who is the nephew of the owner of Hill House. The reason for him being there is because the family lawyer told Dr. Montague that he couldn't rent the house without the confining presence of a member of the family during his stay. They all meet at Hill House an estate in New England. This is where it all begins.

Hill House is a foreboding structure of towers, Gothic spires, gargoyles, strange angles, and rooms within rooms. Through out their stay, they would hear many noises, feel many sensation of fear and suspense. It always had you waiting for something to happen or for harm to come to these people, yet it was all just the haunting of the house, the noises, the scratching of the doors, and strange things would happen that will always make the group of four divide themselves to different parts of the house. Each person had very different characteristics, but Eleanor was special in her own way.

Although Eleanor's first reaction was to run away from the house,



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