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Young Black Thugs

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Reading the article "The Search For Thugs." I came across offensive images portrayed by young black men. From Rev. Al Sharpton to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, black male role models have debated for the public eye to see black youth in a different light. Drugs, knifes, guns, and even the popular sagging of the pants has been the first thing to come to a persons mind when we bring up young black men. So I ask the world, and myself how do we save the black race? How do we save our black children of the future? Most people would request for the "thugs" to put away the pistols and pull up there pants. Or maybe they would request to keep corners clear of soliciting of drugs. What the rest of the nation is seeing is an internal struggle.

Also, one of America's biggest fears has been the rape of white women by black men. Even to this day white women tend to walk a little faster and tug on their purses at the site of a black male approaching. Let also look at the young youth considering to mindless individuals, know of using hand expressions to represent countless gangs and swearing in public places. Or maybe the fact that they're idolized as "never on time jersey wearing ghetto boys." The N.F.L star Sean Taylor skipped days of practice and as explain in the article was fined seven times for late hits and uniform infractions he also was charged with numerous crimes and D.U.I charges. So why is it that so many black American stars are destroyed by crimes and the typical gangster life they were born into.

So are the stereotypes true? Is the message that the media is sending out actually true mishaps of the whole black culture? This fight against destructive behaviour would be easy if some group of old white men came out and influencing them to hate one another all along. This quest to save the lives of black men has been a repeated cycle that may never come to an end.

Our ancestors fought so hard and died to make a better life for this generation. Our great grandparents struggled and protested for "us" to have better educations, rights to vote, and the freedom to go to any public place regardless of the color of our skin. They never thought we would take these advantages and avoid using them. For example most young black men barely go out to vote on a typical election day. Also too many of African Americans choose to still sit in the back of the bus. Many still don't acknowledge the trail and tribulations of what we had to go through to be able to sit wherever we want.



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