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You Exist in My Song by Wanting Qu

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Essay Preview: You Exist in My Song by Wanting Qu

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There is a song came out in my senior year, two weeks and 3 days after me and my ex-boyfriend broke up. That day I was on my way back home from school, I was playing the music randomly from some Chinese songs ranking website. It was windy and all I was thinking about was those happy moments between me and my ex-boyfriend. And that song perfectly described how I felt after our relationship ends. The name of that Chinese song is “You exist in my song” by Wanting Qu. There is a lyrics saying:”

Without any precaution, and without a trace of apprehension

you appeared in my world as you did, bringing me a pleasant surprise, that I couldn’t resist

But like this, without me knowing

you quietly disappeared, from my world, without a word, leaving behind only my memories.”

All those memories suddenly came up as the song came to a climax, my heart beat faster and faster like I was watching an amazing movie. I can’t stop playing the music so I played it again and again.

First time I met him was 3 years ago when I was in Oneonta. I went to the college there to visit my friend. There was a afternoon I was on my way to meet up my friend in the dining hall. The school isn’t that big but it still took to time to find the right place. When I finally opened the door to the dining hall, there was a guy standing behind the door because he was about to go out. I still remember the first time I saw him, a pair of blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a neat hair cut. I was doubting myself for a thousand times if I have ever met this guy before because he looks so familiar to me like I have known him for my whole life. His smile, his eyes, his lips were branded deeply on my memory that he was from my dreams. The funny thing is that we were both standing there staring at each other for 2 minutes until my friend came to me and asked my if I am okay. I can feel the whole world froze for that 2 minutes and all I heard was my heart beat. That was one of the most beautiful moments to me. I finally understood the meaning of “love at first slight”. Just like the lyrics saying :”Without any precaution, and without a trace of apprehension,you appeared in my world as you did, bringing me a pleasant surprise, that I couldn’t resist.”

That night we had dinner together so we can get to know each other more. His name is Hongji and his horoscope sigh is Aquarium. I was so surprised that we have lots of things in common: we both like oil paintings, we listen to the same kinds of music, we like the same kinds of food and we make agreements in most of the little things. And even the way we look looks similar. I was totally like him or he was totally like a copy of me in guys. We started dating



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