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You Did N't Get The Job Unh-Uh?

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You did n't get the job Unh-Uh?

Excited to pick the phone up to hear the news about the latest job application and learn you did n't get the job; draws a face that tells those loving people around you holding their breath exactly that. You did n't!

Experts on this sort of things have a framework to offer to those lucky people who are becoming masters of resilience obliged to don a brave face while struggling with a disappointment. The framework consists in recognizing the following strengths:

* You were able to apply and enter the race classifying as one of the finalists. Stop playing the interview tape and end the replay loop in your head.

* Practice grace under pressure and resist the bitter temptation to vent your spleen.

* The experience of going through such interview and nuances is knowledge and you know, knowledge adds power to future similar situations.

* You are now more seasoned for the next interview. Exercise the acquired intuitive knowledge next time around - no anxiety there!

* Keep in mind that some doors make take longer to unlock than others. Don't go wild applying at anything that moves. If you have to wait then selective!

* A decent player in the right position makes a better hire than a star in the wrong one.

* Once you find where you belong, they found you too! Beyond this realization, the jobs and peers left behind are hard to feel as a loss. As Heraclitus said, "you cannot set foot in the same river twice"

SWOT is a tool that helps you explore internal strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) and external opportunities (O) and threats (T). From the assessment of YOU Inc., and your surrounding environment you could draw variables (experience and education,



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