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Book Of Job

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Book of Job

Why do bad things happen to good people? This question has been wrestled with time after time. It is a question that in times of despair has made people want to give up their faith in God. This question is addressed in the Book of Job. Job is an overall good man. However, his integrity is challenged when God allows Satan to torture Job. Satan wants to prove that Job is only a good man because he is blessed and fortunate. He does this by creating a series of unfortunate events for Job.

It is easy to be a good person when everything in your life is going according to plan. This is why Satan wants Job to be tested. He says to God, "But now put forth your hand and touch anything he has, and surely he will blaspheme to your face" (p. 647). This shows that sometimes bad things happen to good people as a test. This test will reveal if these good people still have their integrity after facing life's troubles. A person who is truly decent at heart will not let misfortune change that.

Although I believe bad things happen sometimes as a test, I do not think there is a direct answer to this question, or at least one that can be answered by humans. After numerous bad things happen to Job, he wants to complain. God addresses him in chapters 38-41 in a lengthy speech. Using a series of rhetorical questions, God shows his power and almightiness. God asks him, "Where were you when I founded the earth?" (p. 677). Job realizes how little he knows about things compared to God. Therefore, he cannot question why bad things have happened to him for no reason. Since God has this much power and knowledge, there must be a reasonable cause for his actions.

While bad things were happening to Job, Eliphaz thought it must be because of something sinful Job had done. His two friends agree with him. In chapter 42, verse 7, after God's speech to Job, he says that Eliphaz and his two



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