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Survey On Job Qualifications For It Graduates

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As we start our research, we were eventually informed by my adviser about the data we need to gather for the completion of the study we are suppose to embark and make. The title that was assigned to us among our other proposals was Survey of Job Qualifications for IT Graduates. From there, we were reminded why the study is important. And that is to further know the possibility of hiring IT graduates. It was essential because the graduates need to be aware of the skills needed by a company for hiring.

Planning of the Study

Our group first decided to brainstorm on what topic to propose. We gathered data needed for the completion of the proposal form handed to us by or Professor. That includes the rationale and the objectives of the study.

We decided to distribute workloads among the members of the group. Each member has a corresponding task assigned to them to work on. We further worked on the given tasked and meet every Friday for the collection of gathered data by each member.


The development of the statistical paper that we proposed, all in all, there are five phases. The first phase is the creation of the survey that the companies need to fill up, which will serve as the sole data we are required to gather. The second phase is the production of facts and figures for the gathered data. The third phase is the construction tables for the statistics. The fourth phase is the formulation of the interpretations of the constructed statistics. The fifth and last phase is the creation of presentation for the defense.

Statistical Treatment

Relative frequency: ( f/n ) * 100 = %



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