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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

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Essay Preview: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

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Being a psychology major even in my undergraduate level of college I often got the chance to read about Albert Ellis's, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. But never did I get a chance to read it so much in depth as I did now and a lot of parts in the chapter had me thinking about how true this form of therapy is in stating certain facts.

The A-B-C Theory of Personality, in this book talks more in depth than I have ever read and I was completely fascinated by four categories that our belief's and activating events can be divided into. To think of it from a common mans point of view it they seem quite like habitual daily routine ways of reacting to events but it was interesting to see how are beliefs and activating events work. The examples in the book helped understand them even better.

I was also very impressed and at the same time fascinated by the term "Musterbation", which stands for all forms of must statements.untill I read this part of the chapter I never realized how freely we use the term and how strongly it affects our everyday lives in terms of our thinking, beliefs and reactions to certain things. I wonder what role this term and its meaning, would play in a narcissistic persons life. Some people cannot think of functioning without the belief that "things must go the way I want them to" or an obsessive person thinking, "I must worry about dangerous things that I cannot control." Or "I must rely on someone stronger than myself."

On the whole, I think the chapter was very interesting because every time I read on a similar topic and feel like its repetitive because I have read it all, I am proven wrong and I always have a little bit more information, in the end, than I started with.



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