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Yamuna Mesmerizing Scenery - Personal Experience Essay

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Essay Preview: Yamuna Mesmerizing Scenery - Personal Experience Essay

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It was a cold Sunday evening, everyone was enjoying the beautiful sunset that made the ghats of Yamuna look divine, everyone but me. The sunset and the lively people enjoying the mesmerizing scenery were the least of my concern, I sat there with my gaze fixed on the eastern bank of the Yamuna. There were small fires visible at far distance probably someones last rites were being performed or may be it was something else, well it didn’t really matter. The only thing that mattered was the fire that was burning inside me, fire that had kept me awake for countless nights,the fire of vengeance. I had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like a lifetime, a lifetime of hatred and rage. As I kept staring at the fire, all the past memories came flashing back, it had been 8 years but it seemed like all of it had just happened yesterday.

I might have been just around 13 at that time, a smart and fun loving kid who tried to live his life to the fullest, but it all changed after that day. The memories of that unfortunate day still haunts me even in my dreams, the day I lost my best friend, my mentor -my brother. He had been out with his friends for a party when they got in a fued, a fued which started over a small misunderstanding soon turned into a brawl which cost my brother his life. The news made me froze, I couldn’t believe what I heard, in that single moment my world came crashing down. That day took almost everything away from me, it changed me in a way that no one ever dreams to, from that day to this my life has just been revolving around revenge. All I have been looking for has been one chance, only one chance so that I can even the score and put an end to my misery. And today, I finaly have that chance , the man who killed my brother his so-called friend, had just arrived back in town after eight long years.

A cold breeze brought me back to my senses, the ghats that were earlier filled with blissful people now catered to complete silence. Lost in my thoughts I had lost track of time, the sun had already set and the stars now adorned the night sky. I quickly got up, it was time for me to do what I have been waiting for, each and every moment for almost a decade.

The fog had started taking over the city and with very few people out at this point of time the roads seemed eerie. I walked slowly keeping up with the pace of the man I was following, moving a bit closer to him with each step. The man turned in an



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