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Personal Experience Essay

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The most embarrassing moment in my life

20141742 Kim Haeun

Statistics said 30% of first love of women is occur when they are elementary school students. My story goes all the way back to the ninth grade. I was happy, excited, and nervous. I'll always remember this day as an embarrassing yet funny memory.

It was a regular Friday night at my church sometime in February. Before the service, I clearly remember watching the guys playing soccer. I was only looking at one person, Kyungguk. All my other friends were playing spin the bottle, upstairs in the bedroom, but I chose to stay behind and watch the guys play soccer. After praise time, we had arts and crafts night. Our Pastor, announced that we would be making Valentine’s Day cards for the people we love. Once he said this, I thought, "Maybe today was the day that I would reveal my crush on Kyungguk!" I thought long and hard, about what I was going to write in the love note. After thinking, I went Kyungguk’s brother, Minjun. I asked him what Kyungguk’s favorite color was. Minjun said it was light blue. My heart fluttered, and my stomach did a somersault, since light blue was my favorite color too.

Feeling extra confident, I grabbed a light blue pen and pink paper. I wrote down these words, “Dear Kyungguk, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you. You make me smile! Love, Haeun.” After I wrote those words, I took all the pretty markers that I could find, and started decorating the card with hearts and other decorations. Then our Pastor announced that he was going to collect the cards. At that moment I didn't really know why he was collecting the cards, but I gave it to him anyways. Once he collected all of the cards, he brought out the stapler and started putting all the cards up.

Once I realized what he was doing, my heart beat rapidly, and I freaked out! That card was only for Kyungguk to see. If Pastor put it up, then everyone would be able to see it, and they would make fun of me. I quickly started brainstorming ideas on how I could get the card out of Pastor’s hands. I then ran up to Pastor and tried stalling, but he said he was too busy, and told me to talk to him later. I carefully watched Pastor, as he read all the cards and then put them up. After millions of cards he finally lifted my card from the pile and started reading it. While he was reading, I noticed that he snickered and shook his head. I was confused why he snickered, because it was a serious and romantic note. After he put up all the cards, he announced that we could start reading everyones cards. I desperately searched for mine, and found that he put mine right above the dry erase board; the most noticeable place in the room. People started gathering around the card, and Kyunggguk approach the card. The older boys started making fun of Kyungguk. He then turned around, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “HaEun, why would you do that? That is so embarrassing. I don't even like you!” He then stormed out of the room.



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