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Xplore Mobile App Case Study

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Essay Preview: Xplore Mobile App Case Study

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The project will be presented as a mobile app, available for both Android and IOS devices.  The idea is to create a guided map of the main monuments and attractions of the most popular and visited cities around the world. You’re in Rome, for example, and you plan to go to “Pantheon from Trastevere”: How many places are there during the walk? Is there anything that you’ve never could think of… My app can locate (using GPS- and localization settings of Android and IOS) these places and with a 3D infographic shows you the history, style, architecture of that. You’re in front of “Fontana di Trevi” and you don’t know who built it, through the app you can discover whatever you want from the sculptor to the marble used. You don’t need iMaps or Google Maps, you have everything in one app…in one hand. Looking for a restaurant, bar, pub nearby Golden Gate park, use Xplore and search what’ s the best for you, using localization, filters and reviews of other tourists. But what the app does stand out for?

It’s called XploreAR and it’s the most innovative feature of the app. Using the phone and the augmented reality, through a VR, you can project yourself in this 360° experience in Rome. You, on your sofa in NYC, cruising around the streets of Rome, experiencing in first person the colors and the history of this amazing city. The aim of the app is to change the way people manage their holidays, helping them from home and “in-loco” to find the best and most appropriate choice for them. This app could be really useful, because it combines the purpose of helping people to go from a A to B, and also to enjoy new places and experience the life of the city as truly natives actually do. The target of the app is tourists, used to explore and willing to immerse themselves in new adventures. The app will be created with Adobe Xd, showing the main features of the app as well as the graphics and the design.



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