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World War Ii

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The nearly 23,000 paratroopers dropped this morning played an extremely important role in the invasion today, with their brave actions and the knowledge that if the land attack to follow somehow failed, there would be no way out. The drops began early in fog and against great opposition, causing some of the precise plans to be altered. The 101st and 82nd U.S. Airborne Divisions were both dropped over the Cherbourg peninsula with orders to split up. The 101st Division secured the western end behind Utah and headed off an eastern German advance, all while suffering great casualties. The 82nd Division suffered far less resistance and was responsible for seizing bridges and heading off a western attack. Both Divisions successful in accomplishing their immediate missions as well as softening the defense for the following land attack and helping to secure the Allied Forces in their victory!

German Defense

The defense preparations taken by the Germans were great, but the ability for allied forces to overcome and conquer them on this remarkable day was incredible. Belgian gates, 10ft high steel-structures with anti-tank mines attached, lined the shores, Teller mines, mines mounted on posts angled toward oncoming boats, lay 200 yd. from shore covered by tide, Miles of Barbed wire and mines were placed in front of pillboxes and concrete bunkers, these are only some of the defense mechanisms put in place by the Germans. These defenses were all put in place to stop, slow, and destroy tanks, boats, men, and planes but the determination of our troops proved superior. Attacks on the defenses started early this morning at 12:45 a.m. with airborne bombardment that lasted for hours until paratroopers dropped. The paratroopers were responsible for destroying some of the defenses as well as capturing land targets such as concrete bunkers. The final straw for the German defenses came when 5,000 ships and 154,000 troops came



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