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Workplace Motivation

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The Governor made an announcement January, 2005 Bellefontaine Center would be closing in July the same year. There was no mention that anything would be occurring with the Community Residence Homes. I was very frustrated last year when the Governor made an announcement he would be privatizing the Community Residence Homes. A representative from Central office had met with us about two years ago and had mention, the Habilitation Centers would be privatizing within five years. She stated the Community Homes would not be privatizing due to these homes have saved the state lots of money. She also informed us the habilitation centers were very costly and the community homes were helping to keep the habilitation centers out of the red.


My husband and I often have a conflict about how things should be done. He does not like to adapt to changes and likes to take the long way about doing everything. Example he had some work to do for his job. I tried to explain to him if he would type it on the computer and email the information it would be much easier. He told me he does not trust the modern way of doing things. I tried to explain to him it would cut down on paper and he could also get the information turned in sooner by email. He gave me 100 reasons why his way was better.


When it is time to take a written exam and meeting time lines I often feel pressured. By me working the night shift it does not seem as though there are enough hours in a day and

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Stress and Health Matrix

I often find myself feeling pressured to get assignments completed and meeting time lines. The entire time I was in the two math classes I felt pressured trying to get the book work completed, attending the team meetings and the assignments



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