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Workplace Motivation

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Motivation can have an effect on the yield or output of businesses and concerns both quantity and quality. Businesses rely heavily on the competence and efficiency of the production staff to ensure that products are manufactured in numbers that meet demand for the week. If these employees lack the motivation to manufacture completed products to meet the demand, then lots of problems arise leading to terrible consequences. Employees in a workplace are the greatest asset and no matter how efficient the knowledge, technology and equipment may be, it is no match for the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees. There are many theories that have been presented by various psychologists and social scientists about the phenomenon of motivation. One of the theories is the expectancy theory by Vroom. This theory presented by Vroom (1964) describes the outcome of effort, performance, reward, and satisfaction (Steers, 1979). It suggests that an increase in effort leads to growing performance and then appropriate rewards with satisfaction help keep the relationships. Another important theory is one given by Herzberg. Herzberg's views of motivation (1966) suggest that motivators lead to individual contentment and the level of job performance is chiefly influenced by this factor. Maslow also discussed in detail the phenomenon of motivation. Maslow (1954) has argued a hierarchy of human requirements. The hierarchical needs are set from the bottom to the top. The bottom is physical desires; next is safety and security needs; third is social and community needs; forth is self-respect; and fifth is self-actualization. Maslow's theory suggests that an individual's motivational needs aim at the next level once the lower level needs have been accomplished. However, in the modern day life, these needs are preferred by an individual at the same time.

Everyone is motivated by different things and some of these factors are not money orientated. Some people



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