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Workers In Garments Industries Of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is in the ready garments industries since 1968 and it boomed in the mid of 90's. In this sector here 25-30 million peoples are directly or indirectly involved. These peoples are simply lying on the top of 5 million garments workers whose are wroking in this sector from dawn to dust and to some extent working till the mid of night. Now the questions are from where they came? How they works? Where they works? How much they are getting? Where are they live? What is their food? What about their childrens schooling? What about the Medical treatments? A lot of question arises!! Finally the question is how much the customers are paying for the order execution!!!

Here in Bangladesh 90% workers are female and they are simply coming from the rural area. Now keeping themselves staying in this sector they have to live in the slum area where living cost is the cheapest. They are taking the low cost food, free schooling for their children if any stays with the mother. They can not afford that much as they are getting the minimum wages from their works. They are the efficient workers in the world. The wages they are getting that is based on the local market standard. But the Buyers are paying too low prices that no owner can pay more than that. Some of the factory owners can pay better, but they won't like to pay more as they don't want to make the market mess in long run.

Now a days the buyers are paying attention on compliance of the garments factories where the workers are the part of the compliances. But this sort of compliances won't make any better result unless the owners of the factories get higer price from the buyers and pay higher salary to their workers. To implement higher wages for the workers the buyers can add the cost breakdown of the CM (cutting & Making) where one need to mention clearly the cost of making this garment and wages that workers will get.




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