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Why Weed Should Be Legal

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"Why Marijuana Should Be Legal"

This issue of the legalization of marijuana in modern day society is a very controversial issue. Some think making marijuana legal would not benefit society, others including myself believe legalizing marijuana can greatly benefit society. There are many ways legalizing marijuana help the government finaicaly as well as decreasing the amount of criminals in the United States. In the following paragraphs it will be made clear how the legalization of marijuana can numerous amount of benefits.

By making marijuana legal the government can make a lot of money. An example of how this would work is cigarettes, there are many taxes on cigarettes that help the state as well as the country in a whole. Cigarettes have taxes from the state on them and from the government which brings in a lot of money each year. If the states and the government were to make marijuana legal they would be able to tax it like they do with cigarettes, bringing in more money each year. This extra money could be used for many things, such as, education, bringing the country out of debt, and also used to help the country recover from disasters, like the hurricane that has destroyed the beautiful city of New Orleans. By legalizing marijuana it could also cause many other taxes to go down which would make the citizen of this country very happy and when you have happy citizens you have a happy country.

Another reason why the legalization of marijuana could be beneficial to the country, by doing this you would bring down the criminal rate as well as the prison population which can save the country millions of dollars a year. Once again the government would be able to use this extra money to do many things which will be beneficial to the country in a whole. The government would be able to concintrate on issues that they have not been able to before, for example more money could



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