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Should Weed Be Legal

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Marijuana is the most frequnent used illegal drug in the United States. Nearly nighty


million Americans over the age of twleve have tried marijuana at least once. Marijuana , better

known as weed, is a green, brown, or gray mixture. The mixture usually consists of dried or

shredded leaves, stem, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana also

has it's share of slang names such as pot, herb, grass, weed, mary jane, and reefer. Marijuana

should stay an illegal drug because of the potentional risk it gives its users and the people


Marijuana affects the memory, judgement, and preception. Marijuana affects decision

making skills and can lead to risky sexual behaviors, resulting in exposure to sexually transmitted

diseases. Studies have shown marijuana to cause brain damage with central memory, attention

and learning. Long term regular users of marijuana become psychologically dependent it impairs

thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal skills.

Other long term effects are the risk of cancer, problems with lungs and airways. Smoking

marijuana can also effect the immune system. When using marijuana it can increase the risk of the

use of cocaine. Long term use can lead to addiction in some people. It effects family

relationships, school pefromance and recreational activities. A common bad reaction to

marijuana is the "acute panic anixety



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