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Why Not To Do Random Drug Testing In Schools

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Essay Preview: Why Not To Do Random Drug Testing In Schools

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Rafael Palmeiro is a great baseball player. Hey had many fans that loved, supported, and helped to motivate him. All because of a mistake that he made he no longer has committed fans. When Rafael walks on the baseball field instead of cheers, he gets bad commits. All of this happened because he took steroids and then, without any warning, he was ordered to take a drug test (Withers). All because of this drug test his baseball career could be ruined and he might not have his support system anymore. Many people believe that random drug testing should be abolished.

Many high school students and athletes deal with pressure everyday. Doing drugs is not a way to deal with it but people slip up and do it all the time. Everyone makes mistakes in their life and in some cases it could be by taking drugs. If someone did drugs one night and the next day they knew it was a mistake and then they were ordered to take a random drug test by the school, that could possibly ruin their life forever (Parker). It is not fair for one mistake you were ordered to do to follow throughout the rest of your life. The consequences of failing a drug test that you had to take could ruin your life forever and always be with you (Eisen). Not only could you ruin your future if you failed a drug test but you could possibly ruin your family's' as well.

Not to mention the fact that someone making you take a drug test is an invasion of privacy. Nobody should make you do what you don't want to do. There are so many people in the world that could have made something or their lives if it weren't for random drug test that the schools do. Even if you do seem suspicious of taking drugs, it is still not fair to just go and judge that person because you never really know if they are or if they aren't (Rosenbaum). You can't just go around assuming things about people without having the facts first.

If schools starting giving random drug test, it would also take students away from learning (Johnston). They would be bothered in the middle of class to go so something that people aren't even sure if it is the truth. Even if they weren't interrupted in class, after they took the drug test that could be so worried about it that they wont be able to concentrate on anything else but that (Parker). They would feel like there is so much pressure on them. If teachers assumed you were on drugs and asked you to take a drug test that would take your trust away from them. By them asking you to take one it means they do not trust you and why should you trust someone who can't trust you (Rosenbaum).




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