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Why Not Just Read It

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Joseph Conrad once said, "The belief in a supernatural force is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness." In other words, men are responsible for their own actions. The urge to perform these actions lies deep within them. Evilness is in the person from the beginning, you cannot change someone to become evil because this nature is already possessed within their hearts. This is true because men who are considered to be evil are foreseen that way due to their own voluntary actions. The character Macbeth, from the Tragedy of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, unleashes a wickedness we never knew Macbeth had inside of him.

Three witches visit Macbeth and state a prophecy that altered Macbeth's actions and seemed to release a side of Macbeth never seen before. Macbeth discovers he will soon become King of Scotland and decides to take it upon himself and put matters into his own hands. Macbeth chooses to kill King Duncan in order to obtain power and become king sooner. The witches did not advise Macbeth to kill the king, he conspired this plan on his own. This proved Macbeth yearned to kill King Duncan whether he admitted to it or not but was not obligated to do so. Therefore, Macbeth had the desire to kill the king in order to gain power and then took the steps necessary for committing the crime.

Lady Macbeth tells her husband, "Which thou esteem'st the ornament of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem." (I,VII,42-43) Lady Macbeth calls her husband a coward, which made Macbeth feel intimidated and felt he should kill the king even more. Macbeth did have to listen to his wife; he could have stood up to her and said, "No" unless he truly wanted to deep inside, enabling him to as planned. Macbeth killed the king, using his own dagger, even after contemplating whether or not he must commit the murder. After giving a second thought, Macbeth continued to go through with the plan and



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