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Why Law Enforcement

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Essay Preview: Why Law Enforcement

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Pensacola Christian College

“Why Law Enforcement”

Essay: "Why Law Enforcement"

A Project Submitted to

Mr. David Grubbs

In Partial Fulfillment of

The Requirements for the Course

CJ 101-2

Introduction and Orientation to Criminal Justice


Ben Moody

Pensacola, Florida

September 9, 2018

“Why Law Enforcement”

I believe God has called me into the field of law enforcement for many reasons. I believe I possess the skills to make an excellent law enforcement officer in addition to having the honor and privilege of serving my community. I believe that law enforcement is a noble and worthy profession. God has given me an interest in federal and state law enforcement for many years. I believe that now more than ever we need men and women in law enforcement who have integrity and spiritual convictions. I believe every officer should have some common level of personal beliefs and core values that reflect a moral standard that supports the Oath they have taken. I believe God has given me a specific desire to do something in the following law enforcement fields: SWAT, Warrants, Narcotics, Investigations, Vice and/or Internal Affairs. I believe that any of these would be a fulfilling vocation for me. I have always had a great interest in law enforcement. My father has several years of experience in law enforcement.  He retired as a City Police Officer after 21 and a half years of service and has been employed with the Illinois Department of Corrections for nearly 10 years as a State Investigator assigned to the Investigations & Intelligence Unit. My father has always been an inspiration to me. I remember as a child watching Dragnet, Adam-12, Cops, and other police related shows with my dad. I remember thinking to myself that when I was a grown-up, I wanted to be just like that police officer, I wanted to be just like my dad. The dignity and respect that he carried, especially while in uniform, inspired me at that young age to pursue a career in law enforcement. I believe God has called me to this esteemed position, not for the financial benefit or any other type of profitable endeavor, but honestly to have a servant’s heart and to be there for those who cannot help themselves. To have the mentality of the sheepdog protecting the sheep from the wolves. In this world, you have three kinds of people:  The wolf, the sheepdog, and the sheep and I personally believe God has called on me to be a sheepdog. To serve and protect is my passion and desire.



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