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Stress In Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Officers are looked upon by the public of living a higher standard when it comes to the public eye, Officers also have a obligation to make sure that they are both in the best physical health as possible. Being in great physical can also help u if u are in a struggle for your life and for u too live a good quality life after u leave Law Enforcement. It also helps u feel good there is a good feeling knowing that u are in the best shape possible to serve the public which keeps u a lot safer and the citizens of Shelby County. Also u have to take in account of u have a family who loves u that u want to be around as long as possible and it's a good idea not only for officers but for the general public also. Being in good shape also helps for us to make better decisions under stress because if your body is in good shape your mind will be also because it took brain power to keep u from quitting in your quest for physical greatness but your mind wouldn't allow u to give up. In this day and age we live in a society were we want everything quick like Burger King etc and we have devices like microwaves to heat up t.v. dinners with ingredients which we cannot

spell or know what they mean. A article by Schlosser author of Fast Food Nation: The Darker Side of all American Meal stated that " That America has the highest obesity rate in the world more than half of all adults and about one quarter of all children in the United States are now obese are overweight the United States now spend close to 240 billion annually on obesity related illnesses' that's a real big problem for all adults and children. Not only does that cost the federal government problems but us the tax payers also maybe if we can teach our children to eat better and discipline our self to have control over what we eat and have a regular fitness regiment maybe that money which is spent on some people without insurance can go to us which who dosnt have enough to



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