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Why Do You Join a Club or Sports Team?

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Essay Preview: Why Do You Join a Club or Sports Team?

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Kamea Massey

Previous Middle School: Edna Brewer Middle School

Current High School: Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

Why do you join a club or sports team?

I joined productive things to do after school to keep me out of negative situations, meet new people, and to be socially active. I am currently involved in dance production and working towards our big showcase in May. It keeps me motivated to keep my grades up since there is a grade requirement to be in it. Also it keeps me busy to avoid drama and do something beneficial for myself. Being in dance production is a requirement for me because i am able to major dance in high school and will soon declare it as my major. But overall having something to do after school will keep you motivated to do better and will build your resume.

There will not be any conflicts with schedule or attendance. Although I live in Chico I would be staying with relatives through this process.

Some interests about working in this program would be that I would have the chance to get a head start in adulthood. I would also get the chance to add on to my experience in working with kids. This would also give me an opportunity to get involved and impact others lives by giving a helping hand instead of staying home not doing anything to improve myself or others.

I believe that I have plenty experience with working with kids of ages ranging 2-13 years old. At the age of 11 I had to take the responsibility of becoming an aunty to new born nephew who's mother who was not present at the time. I had to help with everything as well as my brothers and sisters with helping my mother take care of him. Everything from teaching him colors to brushing his teeth and dressing himself. I also have experience in tutoring children in middle school and elementary school.

The kids I have worked with usually have a certain challenge in areas such as academic skills, people skills, participation and more. I have been taught to work and focus on strengthening areas needed most attention in order for the child to be successful. For example, when I was tutoring at Edna Brewer Middle School I worked with a student who had trouble with mathematics. In that situation where I was actually on top of my math skills I taught the student shortcuts, explained formula's to the best of my ability, and gave the student practice problem to strengthen their math skills. Eventually all of the work done reflected in his grade.

If I were able to plan my own dream camp a typical day would start off with a nice breakfast. There would be a variety amount of choices like pancakes, Belgian waffles, fruit, yogurt, donuts, sausage, and a lot more. Basically a gourmet buffet all for free. Then there would be a little exercise to wake up the body and an exercise to wake up the brain. After there would be a portion of learning that will be taught in the most fun way so everyone will stay engaged through the whole course. They would be learning using games and activities. Then there would be lunch which is also a buffet, everyday something different like chicken, spaghetti, salad, Chinese food, Mexican food and desert. There would be field games and activities to win points for their class and at the end of the week whoever wins gets to choose where we go on the last day of camp. Lastly there would be a check-out circle to see how everyone is doing.

I feel



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