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Why Do We Eat Fast Foods?

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Essay Preview: Why Do We Eat Fast Foods?

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Why do we Eat Fast Foods?

American fast food seems to be the most well liked food in the world. Many cultures all over the earth appear to have incorporated this kind of food in their diet. Such a thing is noticeable because we can now find certain popular fast food places like McDonald's and Subway not only in North America but also in countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. Other fast food restaurants that are common in America such as Taco Bell, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, and many more, do business outside the United States as well. People eat American fast food because it is convenient and quick, it is cheap, and it tastes good.

People eat American fast food because it is convenient and quick. We no longer live in the good old days when women would stay home to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Women have invaded the work industry by taking over jobs that in the past only men would have, and now share those jobs with men. Everyone seems to live in a very hectic world, where no one has time to take a long walk and smell the roses, and even less time to do chores and keep their home organized. People commonly have around a thirty minute intervals for their lunch, which is enough time to make a quick stop by the nearest fast food restaurant. In less than five minutes, they are receiving their meal and returning to their work positions. Fast food eating places are so fast and efficient that most people don't see a reason why they should take the time and effort to cook their own food.

Also, people eat American fast food because it is cheap. Nowadays, people have a tight budget, and at the same time they enjoy purchasing nice clothes and shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Besides that, people value having a good car, a good house, and a good life style, which demands money. In this context, fast food places are a reasonable option in terms of eating out. It may be considered cheap, for one person can purchase a hamburger or a sub, accompanied by French fries or potato chips, and a large soda, for less than five dollars. Other traditional restaurants charge much more money for one meal and people would rather eat at those places with family and on special occasions.

Lastly, people eat American fast food because it tastes good. On one hand, there are some fast food restaurants that may serve some foods that are not so healthy. Many people don't care for how much grease and sugar certain foods contain. They don't care if the food will make them fat, cause them to become diabetic, or if it will bring them any other sickness, for as long as it has a pleasing flavor, they don't mind the consequences. On the other hand, there are eating places that offer quick meals with better nutritional value, and they have become very popular among the fast food industry. Regardless of what kind of fast food eatery it is, people enjoy dining at those places. No matter



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