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Who Moved My Cheese

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31 May 2006





In this story of two mice and two humans it is illustrated how reactions to situations and changes vary as well as showing attitude adjusting events and how to make changes for the positive. This is especially important at work as to ensure the comfortability with coworkers and a TEAM atmosphere. With using the authors illustration of the maze and mice what do we learn? I learned that when put into a situation that in unfamiliar one needs to completely learn his surroundings and environment so when the situation changes you have made yourself adaptable. The author relates that change is unavoidable but with the proper preparation it can remain positive. If you anticipate change, be proactive not reactive, and were not afraid what could we accomplish?

Change Action Outcome

Cheese moved none extinction

Cheese moved preparation done thrive

Competition tougher none bankruptcy

Competition tougher preparation done evolve with competition


1) Anticipate change

Look for the cheese to move

Where would it move to?

2) Monitor changes

Track changes

Map changes

Look for trends and patterns




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