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Who Moved My Cheese Paper

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The book Who Moved My Cheese is about change and how it can affect how you are in life. Some people take changes hard while others just go with the flow. Some are ready for a change when the time comes and others want things to never change.

I most identify with Hem and Haw, they are two little people. They are happy at first doing what comes naturally and eating what is in front of them. As time goes on the cheese begins to lessen and they eventually have no cheese, but they wait to see if more cheese will appear. When no cheese appears they eventually go out into the maze looking for more but are afraid to venture to far from the place the original cheese was. I feel I most identify wit Hem and Haw because they are afraid to change but know that if they want to eat they will have to change. I was afraid at first to come back to school because I am in my thirties and not used to the studying. At first coming back to school was very hard I had been out of school for about 18 years. Now that I am almost finished it seems like just yesterday I was a new student.

I believe that if you want something badly enough you should try to get whatever it is even if you think you are going to fail. I thought that studying was going to be very hard but, it has been almost like riding a bike once you do it you don't forget. Hem and Haw were staying close to home and trying to find change close to home can sometimes be harder than looking someplace that is far away. Far away places can be strange but, can also be the best place to make new contacts. When Hem and Haw went farther away from home they started to find newer cheeses and better tasting cheeses. I would like to make myself better so that I don't have to work at a job making only 6.50 and hour and having to scrimp and scrounge to buy the things that my teenage son wants. Working in a fast food place does not set an example for my son and I want him to be able to do whatever he wants when its time for him to look for jobs. Just as Hem and



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