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White Sharks

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White Sharks and the Red-Triangle

The Red Triangle is located between San Francisco and Monterey. It is a very dangerous area, occupied by families of large marine mammals. The two significant ones are the White sharks and the elephant seals. The Red Triangle is extremely dangerous for humans swimming and surfing, with high percentages of shark attacks every year. Overtime, the Red Triangle has been expanding and the food chains associated becoming longer between the White Sharks, the elephant seals, the white lions and other animals.

White sharks, also known as the great whites communicate using body languages. They will swim together only if they are of the same size. Larger ones tend to kill and feed on the younger ones. The White Sharks are usually day time predators and so the Seals start emerging when it is dark, heading to the open ocean and leaving the youngsters by the beach on their own. The seals are usually at the shallow waters and the youngsters at the beach. They usually will not move too far from their home base. This factor makes them an easy prey for the White Sharks. To escape the shark attack, a seal will hold their breathe and stay still low below the shark until the shark leaves then resurfaces when the shark is gone. The White Sharks are not constrained to the sea for their food. They also hunt in the forests for sea lions and other animals.

The seals feed on small fishes, squids and other small sea animals usually on shallow waters during the day and deeper at night, resurfacing every two minute to breath, at the same time utilizing that time to sleep. The young seals are fed from their mothers' blubber. This is the most energetic source of fat and oil known. In a day, a young seal gains nine pounds from the blubber. Their mothers feed them for three months, preparing them for when they leave the beach. After the mothers are gone, the youngsters survive on the blubber



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