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What Symptom(s) in This Case Suggest(s) That Something Has Gone Wrong?

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Essay Preview: What Symptom(s) in This Case Suggest(s) That Something Has Gone Wrong?

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What symptom(s) in this case suggest(s) that something has gone wrong?

• Increasing customer complaints regarding poor quality service, there have been comments from customers stating that YakkaTech employees seem indifferent to their problems, slow response time and they continuously educating customer service employees about their IT. No dedicated team with customer-specific knowledge.

• Employee Dissatisfaction; employees were demotivated by monotonous work. Employee quit rates were high, this indicates how disconnected employees were. To counter this YakkaTech increased salaries and bonus tied with organizational commitment. This increased in continuance rather than Affected organizational commitment.

• The decrease in Employee referral also indicates that existing employees don’t want to recommend the current working place to anyone.

What are the main causes of these symptoms?

• Competence; a Competent workforce will diagnose the problem identify the root cause and eradicate its re-occurrence. Due to lack of experience or guidance from senior employees, the response time to client issues increased.

• Employees skill set; were trained on a specific functional module and they could not resolve incidents which were cross-functional.

• With monotonous work employees were not motivated and felt bored doing the repetitive jobs. Roles were not clearly defined, motivation was missing, and employees felt disconnected with the organization.

• Lack of coordination between different departments has increased the stress level on employees in serving dissatisfied clients.

• Combining dozens of small centers into four big centers might have increased non-healthy diversity at the new work location.




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