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What Makes You Buy A Cell Phone

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In modern society there are many factors that can be used to influence or change the mind of a single person. A good example on how these factors are set in motion is through advertising. Each commercial has three aspects that can influence the audience into buying the product they are trying to sell. These three aspects are known as pathos, ethos, and logos. These three aspects are best shown in cell phone commercials/ads. Cell phone companies use them to fulfill their purpose, which is to influence the consumer into buying their product.

Cell phones ads are very convincing in that they can get any of its viewers to buy their product and get them involved within their plan. This step is done by using one of the aspects and that is ethos. In order for these companies to get the consumer to buy this product, they have to be credible. Credibility is the most important aspect of these types of businesses because that is how their products are sold. Most of their credibility depends on the users who already belong to one of the companies. The cell phone companies rely on these people to tell others that they have the best cell phone plan and that the particular company that they have is better than any of its competitors. Another example of how credibility comes into place takes place in having personal/firsthand accounts within the ads/commercial. In most cases these companies use celebrities to show why cell phones are needed. To most people, celebrities are considered to be a reliable source of information, so consumers think that what they are saying is credible. The last important step that leads these companies to be credible comes from the research or backup information they obtain from its competitors. Extensive amounts of research is involved so that they can offer the right information and publish it in the right source so that they can convey their audience to buy their products. This is only one of the aspects that is used in order to sway an audience into buying their product.

The next important step that these companies use is to connect to their audience. They do this by appealing to their emotions and this is known as pathos. Out of the three aspects this is the most important because this is what is going to guarantee them that the consumer would buy their product. The cell phone companies use many strategies to appeal to the audience's emotions. This done by showing them their network. Most people want a cell phone company that can allow them to call anyone anywhere within the United States and in other countries. In order for to show this, maps are used with network lines to show the consumers how extensive their networks are. The next step is telling the audience how many minutes are going to be in the plan, most consumers want a lot of minutes in their plan in case of an emergency and these companies offer that too them. These leads to the rate, which is how much they are going to pay for having the amounts of minutes they picked. By now the consumer is already feeling happy because they're thinking that they are getting a pretty good deal. But these two strategies do not compare to the last strategy which is the most important of them all.

The next strategy is the last step into convincing the consumer into buying the cell phone itself. There are many cell phones out there, but these companies are going to advertise the one that has the features that most people want. Most of these features include internet, e-mail, downloading music, camera, and text messages.



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