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Cell Phone Ettiqute

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Have you ever dined at restaurant opposite someone chatting on their cell phone? This encounter is rude, selfish, and barbaric. But not all mobile phones can be unpleasant. One-sixth of the world's population owns a cell phone. There are more cell phone lines than fixed telephone lines both in the United States and internationally. They have become part of everyday lives. As the technology improves, however, etiquette impairs. The respectable behavior that comes with owning a cell phone can't be found in a manual or instruction guide. That is why standards need to be displayed to make people understand the proper ethics of using a mobile phone. They can be useful for certain situations but people tend to take their phone's power to the limit. When using cellular phones, proper conduct calls for responsibility, common sense, and good judgment.

Californians can't drive while holding cell phones.

$50 fine

Need to use ear piece

Takes action July 1, 2008

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and Washington D.C. already of this

Proper manners with cell phones,,3-2362746,00.html

Girl saved by a text message

Was kidnapped and stole the "bunker's" mobile phone to text her mother.

Traced the cell phone by satellites and rescued her,,19509-2358560,00.html#

Cell advertisement - effective towards teens and adults

Companies sponsor cell phones to make decent money



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