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What Is Operations Management

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What is Operations Management?

In today’s world, developing a business requires much more than just working hard. One has to make sure the organization works smart enough to be successful. This is achieved by improving processes and focusing on what needs to be done. This is where Operations Management comes in. In this paper I will define the term Operations Management and what ethic decision was used by the operation management in my organization.

The definition of operations management is very broad among authors, but it compiles a very basic principle. It implies optimization and improvement of processes and systems. Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano. (2005) define operations management as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firms primary products and services. Russell and Taylor (2003) define it as a competitive strategy that optimizes design, operation, and improvement of decisions made about facilities, inventories, capacity, performance, quality control, purchasing, and so forth.

Naughton (2003) says the basic principles of operation management are as follow. Control by creating and maintaining a positive flow of work by utilizing what resources and facilities are available. Lead by developing and cascading the organizations strategy/mission statement to all staff. Organize resources such as facilities and employees so as to ensure effective production of goods and services. Plan by prioritizing customer, employees and organizational requirements. Maintaining and monitoring staffing, levels, Knowledge-Skill-Attitude (KSA), expectations and motivation to fulfill organizational requirements. Performance Measures for the measurement of organizational performance and consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness.

Once the key elements for operation management are defined, it is important to understand how the various functions within an organization will work together to achieve the organizations goals. Here is where the organization ethic comes in place. In some industries, the quality control unit is under the manufacturing unit creating some kind of conflict of interest. In a pharmaceutical industry it is essential, and regulated by law, to provide a quality control system separated from production, that will guarantee the quality and purity of the products. This must be achieved without



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