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Operation Management Theory

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Addressing ABC Critical Nursing Shortage

Monica Watts-Primica



The health care industry is a major part of American society. This line of work employs a large number of workers. Despite the fact of the large number of health care workers available, many communities still experience workforce shortage problems. These shortages are felt the most in rural areas and medically needy and underserved population groups.

Addressing ABCH Critical Nursing Shortage

ABC's shortage of health care providers has had a negative impact on the patient's quality of care by limiting health care access. These shortages also increase stress on the providers by making costs higher by raising compensation levels to reflect increased demand. Shortages also increase the use of expensive temporary personnel and overtime pay. However, many hospitals around the world have been faced with nurse shortages.

The health care industry faces staffing shortages in a number of areas. The Joint Commission selected the nursing shortage as the first topic for its public policy initiative and released a white paper in 2002. The Joint Commission's Nursing Advisory Council continues to advance implementation of the white paper's recommendations. In whish many health care organizations has been successful in achieve decreasing critical nursing shortages.

Joint Commission standards supply for health care organizations to decide the number, competency and skill level variety their staff by linking staffing effectiveness to clinical outcomes as explained by Joint Commission President Dennis S. O'Leary, M.D., described the standards during testimony before the Institute of Medicine.

This paper is a call to action for ABC hospital to hinder and be guided by the Joint Commission white paper lane, in order to develop or carry out policies that will lead the way to resolution the critical health care personnel shortage. This is specifically in furtherance of the Joint Commission's to improve the safety and quality of health care delivered to the public. Issues or strategies to be address are three important focus points such as Culture retention, Bolster the Nursing Educational Infrastructure, and Establish Financial Incentives for Investing in Nursing.

Culture of Retention

Organzation culture consits of attitudes,history, beliefs and vaules of an organization. It has been defined as "the specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organization and that control the way they interact with each other and with stake holders outside the organization. Organizational values are beliefs and ideas about what kinds of goals members of an organization should pursue and ideas about the appropriate kinds or standards of behavior organizational members should use to achieve these goals. From organizational values develop organizational norms, guidelines or expectations that prescribe appropriate kinds of behavior by employees in particular situations and control the behavior of organizational members towards one another." (Hill & Jones, 2001)

Successful hospitals duplicate a work enivorment that respescts and allows nursing career growth.ABCH will plan to mimic the journey to success shaping an employee driven culuter.No busniess can creat and maintain a healthy culutre with out an active and motivated workforce.

You'll never create and substain a WOW!enviorment untile you learn to tap into your greates resource-your people"Al Stubblefield

Most organizations begin with change in leadership. A few ways to accomplish this change is as follows:

1. Start with management by giving them a sense of stewardship because the staff will more likely be motivated to follow suite.

2. Discover the interest of the staff what drives or motivates them to work each day.ABCH plans to find the primary reson of employees chosing health care.Discovering the staff passion will be the bassis to shape culuter to fit.

3. Encourge an motivate partcipation thought open an often communication, in addittion a healhty culture has a no secreat and excusees enviorment.

ABCH plan to change culure foussing on the above points will hopefully give result to a sense of stewardship or ownership of the ogranzation that will allow more responsibility for all members.The joint Commison frame work states as one of the resloultions to staffing shortage is to empower and respeccte ABCH will accomplish

this by culuter change.

Adopt the characteristics of "Magnet" hospitals

To foster a workplace that empowers and is

Respectful of nursing staff. Provide management

Training, as well as support, to nurse executives.

Positively transform nursing work through

The use of information and ergonomic

Technologies. Set staffing levels based on

Nurse competency and skill mix relative to

Patient mix and acuity. Adopt zero-tolerance

Policies for abusive behaviors by health care

Practitioners. Diversify the nursing workforce

To broaden the base of potential workers. (Joint Commission [JACHO],



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