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What Is Cognitive Computing and Its Benefits?

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Cognitive Overload

Cognitive overload in psychology stands for the inability of the humans/learners to properly process information because he gets overloaded with the learning tasks. The same is happening with humans in this digital age.

The world right now is in a very complex environment of knowledge sharing, where the tools of sharing the information have not fully developed. They are still very much in a nascent state, and the need to mature before being actually useful to the end user. The user is getting bombarded with information from all the directions. Be it his emails, SMSs, messages, mails, Mobile notifications, etc. There is a flood of information engulfing the person, that its becomes impossible to him to concentrate and make out what is relevant and what is irrelevant. Important decisions get delayed in this process of understanding, prioritizing and collating the information.

Similarly, information overload has led to the problem of information anxiousness, which is when a person is not confident enough of the information he has before taking a decision.

To provide a relief to this situation, AI is being developed. Many people think that the purpose of AI is to be similar to humans, but in reality, the aim is to be able to solve repetitive data and information related processing and give humans the freedom of informed decision-making.

With the help of AI , we are able to find missing information, sort out relevant information, and reduce the mundane workload off the people to dedicate time to more complex tasks.

When and Why a Pie Chat is better than a Bar Graph?

A Pie Chart is used when we have to represent parts of a whole and not quantities that change overtime. Whereas the Bar Graph is used to represent quantities and proportions belonging to different groups.

Situations when Pie Chart is preferred:

  1. When the quantities to be represented belong to a whole together
  2. When the quantities are large and distinct enough to be visible in a circular format
  3. When the audience needs a quick and easy way to understand the difference in relative proportions of the categories.
  4. Inherently pie chart are easier to comprehend than bar graphs, as they can be understood without calibrations too.



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