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Wearing Prosthesis Is Not the Best Solution for Amputees

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Essay Preview: Wearing Prosthesis Is Not the Best Solution for Amputees

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Wearing prosthesis is not the best solution for amputees

The horrifying tragedy of Boston Bombing had scarred many people , some of them died on the accident while others  having to live their life crippled. For these amputees   many of them may believe that wearing prosthetic limbs is the most suitable choice for them in living their lives normally. Little that they know wearing prosthesis are not exactly a flawless idea as the downside effect of it may being too burdensome and harmful  . Despite today’s high tech equipment ,wearing prosthesis is not the best solution for the amputees as it would lead to the internal and external    long term effects and it requires high maintenance that may being burdensome toward the amputees.

             Using prosthesis is not the best solution for amputees as the consequence may lead to internal injuries affecting in a long term basis. However according to  the review made by  Dr Robert Gailey ,a renown  physiotherapist ,wearing prosthesis may lead to a long term physical damage for amputees .Firstly , wearing prosthesis may lead to osteoporosis problem or better known as the low -bone  density problem that may increase the risks of fractured bone.  Commonly , the shinbone  for the below knee amputees and the thighbone  for above knee amputees have a lower bone density on them.(Geoff Hill,2008).The reason for this to happen is because of the lack of force used  than usual as the amputees are no longer using the same force to transmit weight to the foot. According to Laraia, (November  ,2010),prosthetic users have 50% to 80% chance of having back pain, leg pain and hip pain. This is because the residual limbs is susceptible to deep tissue injuries from the pressure it having inside the prosthesis. These incidence strain the muscle and bone that may also lead to osteoporosis. The strain in the residual limbs that had being repeatedly used   and the changes from the amputation surgery may cause fatigue, pain and tendon problem. Therefore, all of these injuries may affect the amputees body and posture badly, leaving their condition much worse than before.

                Most people usually think that wearing a prosthesis is the best answer to solve the problem for lack of activity among the amputees. Most of them   thinks that wearing a prosthesis may help them in living a healthy lifestyle as energetic as as normal people. Eventhough   these statement  has its own merit in it ,however ,is partially untrue as prosthetic user still shown decreasing level of activity. The amputation itself lessening the activity level of the amputees , even to those who wear prosthesis, leading to worsening condition of this problem. The side effect of the prosthesis may scale down the activity level for amputees and does not really solve the lack of activity problem as its promised. The lack of activity level would gradually lead to weakness,poor balance and an often fall problem. This  problematic matter also would worsen to such more worse condition such as obesity, hypertension ischemic heart ,clogged cardiac arrest that may lead to fatal condition. As conclusion ,the prosthesis  does not  actually solve the activity problem but may also lead to internal complication that may affect to worsening health problem.


 Secondly,the amputees also need to take note that  the consequence of wearing a prosthesis as it may lead to  external complication. The skin of amputees may be subjected to many infections. According to levy ( January,2000 at the sight where the prosthesis is fitted ,a skin irritation may be seen  as the skin have suffered from numerous abuse  without the prosthesis user realizing the cause of this problem. Regarding the case of leg prosthesis most of the prosthetic user have a snuggly fitting socket that does not allow the air to circulate freely ,thereby trapping the perspiration in it. The moisty sweat from the perspiration may promote the softening effect on skin and may lead to bacterial infection on the skin. The skin may undergo stretching from rubbing against the socket edge and the interior surface of the socket. The examples of numerous abuses are skin breakdown, ulcers, skin swelling and many more. So, wearing prosthesis may cause a discomfort because of skin irritation that occur at the sight where they are fitted.

        Another reason why prosthesis will lead to external complication is an uneven loading may cause stress on localized areas of the stump skin. What is a stump? Stump is the bit that’s left beyond  a healthy joint after an amputation. (Ouchlets. 2013). The state of the stump skin play an important roles in the amputees’ ability to use prosthesis. If the normal skin condition cannot be maintained despite daily wear and tear, the prosthesis cannot be worn, no matter how accurate the fit of the socket may be. Moreover, different types of amputees have different location of pressure exerted. In the transfemoral amputee, which is the above knee amputation, pressure maybe exerted on the adductor regions which were the points of contact with the socket rim (a part of prosthesis that connect between limb and prosthetic intact. As for the trantibial amputee, who usually has at least the upper third of the tibia remaining, pressure occur over the interior portion of the tibia, the sides, and sometimes at the end of the stump.  Therefore, amputees should take consider on choosing a prosthesis because uneven loading may cause stress on localized areas of the stump skin.



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