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Water And Air Pollution Analysis

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Water and Air Pollution Analysis

When doing the research for this project I was actually very surprised just at how much air pollution that there actually is in Bourbon County. I have always heard things like "we live in a bad community" or similar remarks because there are two big factories that put out harmful pollutants in the air. Those factories are CMC/CLA and Mallinckrodt.

After reading the report that was put out by I realize that my community may be in more danger. One of the most released chemicals shown on this graph was chemicals that can ultimate cause cancer, which is a very scary thought when you think about it. It shows that Bourbon County is in the 40-50 percentile range between the cleanest and dirtiest counties in the United States.

This report also showed that there were also very high rates of toxins put into the air such as cardiovascular or blood toxins, kidney toxins, and endocrine toxins. All of these categories were also showing in the 40 - 50 percentile range. There were also reports of air releases of recognized carcinogens which were a little higher in the 50 - 60 percentile range.

I do not think that anything will really be done to reduce these pollutants in the air. The precautions that could reduce air pollution that are not that expensive I believe have already been put into place. The other types of cleanup and prevention are too expensive and to be honest I don't really think that these big companies care. They do not live in the community so it is not really one of their concerns.

I was not able to find another source for water pollution but again on the results for water show that our area is relatively clean. We are in the cleanest and best counties in the United States for water pollution, which is good but I still drink water from a filter.



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