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Was the Reign of Terror Justified?

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Essay Preview: Was the Reign of Terror Justified?

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Was The Reign of Terror Justified?

During the French Revolution there was a period of time called The Reign of Terror which many argue if it was justified or not. In my opinion The Reign of Terror was not justified. There are three documents called document C The Outside Threat, document F, document E Triumph of Terror, and document A The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen that support my reasoning. The Reign of Terror was having people being threatened in wrong ways, methods that were used were not necessary, and lastly their reasons of their actions weren’t adding up which made it not justified.

My first reasoning of why The Reign of Terror was not justified was because they had threatened people in the wrong ways. document C is the document that had fit in with this reasoning. document C was also known as, “The Outside Threat,” and in it they used threats during this era by using the draft and making people fight unintentionally. Also there had been a big inside threat that had involved the vendee. In this document it states,”In the spring of 1793, a counter revolution against the republican government broke out. This is now not only war outside the country, but inside too.”

My second reasoning of why The Reign of Terror was not justified was the methods that they had used were not necessary. In document F which had supported this reasoning, had shown and told that many deaths had occurred on the guillotine. It explains how they had used this machine to behead anyone who had seemed suspicious without proof that they were guilty. Without having the proof of being guilty they had killed many innocent people with this killing machine. In this document it states that between 20,000 to 40,000 people were killed, and most were killed publicly. Public executions were held in the center of town for everyone to witness, and overall this had created fear and was a quick message.

My last reasoning of why The Reign of Terror was not justified



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