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Preventing Terrorism

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Obviously, terrorism is one of the most concerning topics in today's society and it is clear that to help solve this world wide problem we need to first look inward at the roots of our mistakes, in order to further prevent future acts that will inevitably cause our world more pain. By first looking at ourselves, and the problems that we face in the U.S., we will be able to understand more thoroughly, the mistakes that we make and the problems that we cause for others to be hatred toward us. One of the main problems that faces this world today is the constant repugnance that each country shows toward one another. In order to make this world operate more peacefully, we need to be able to understand one another's point of views and most of all be able to admit to our own mistakes and be willing to change to better our world. The U.S. needs to withdraw from others lives, and put an end to our constant selfishness of wanting to control the world. By doing these things the world could have a new outlook and a better grip on the future.

During the Reformation their were definitely some small acts of terror that occurred. Although they mostly happened within, they still established from the same reasons that we face today. When people were not happy with the decisions and judgments of the higher power they would revolt by harm. Citizens would most often not agree with political and religious acts and rapidly, these disagreements would break out into uncontrollable wars. All in all, acts of terror have dated back long ago and without looking inward and facing our own problems before others, there will be no prevention of terror, as it will continue to take a devastating toll on our world.



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